Wet Bondage for Captive LadyBoss - Lorelei Struggles in the Jacuzzi 0
Wet Bondage for Captive LadyBoss - Lorelei Struggles in the Jacuzzi 1
Wet Bondage for Captive LadyBoss - Lorelei Struggles in the Jacuzzi 2

Lorelei is blindfolded and bandanna-gagged perched at the edge of jacuzzi, with her red high heels kicking in the water. She's wearing a blouse, mini-skirt, and waist corset. She squirms against the ropes holding her, afraid to try to make an escape when she can't see. The temperature is in the mid-80s and you can see the relentless sun is burning her face. Her captor checks on her and adds another bandanna to make her cleavegag even thicker in her mmphing mouth. He moves her from her perch down into the jacuzzi, over her muffled protests, until the water reaches her hip line. Left alone once again, our damsel kicks off her heels (underwater) and attempts to explore her confines even though she can't see where she's going. She inches around in the water and eventually slips down deeper into the water until her clothing gets completely wet and her red bra is visible through her sheer white blouse. Her efforts get her nowhere, and the next time her captor checks in, her decides to pull open her shirt and bare her large breasts just to humiliate her. Left alone once again in her soggy prison, her bare feet flail uselessly underwater and she whimpers to herself in despair.
Ambient noise: splashing water, wind, airplanes, chirping birds, etc.

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Lorelei is Bound in the Rain

2013-08-11 Lorelei in Bondage 4:57 minutes Bondage
Lorelei is Bound in the Rain 0
Lorelei is Bound in the Rain 1
Lorelei is Bound in the Rain 2

It was cold and rainy out, so I couldn't resist trying to shoot a scene. Jon roped me up and then video'd as my hair matted to my face, my mascara dripped into my eyes, and my clothing got more and more soaked. - - Pink button blouse, mini-skirt, tights, hgh heels. Silver duct tape gag, white cotton rope. 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV.