Dangerous Diva Hogtied

2014-06-01 Loren Chance 11:13 minutes Bondage
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Dangerous Diva Hogtied 2

The Dangerous Diva is a sexy villainess who's always grabbing and binding innocent rich-chicks and stealing their jewels. But in this case the tables have somehow been turned on the Diva. Initially she's in a basic tie-up, which fails to hold her. She easily escapes and ponders her next move as she paces at her leisure in sexy fetishwear of high-heeled boots, shiny catsuit, long spandex gloves, lace-up corset, and leather mask. After we enjoy this view for a couple of minutes, the Diva finds herself once again in bondage, but this time in a more secure tie-up. She rolls around on the bed in a hogtie, mmphing through her tape-gag, then after a few minutes we see that she's been leashed snugly against the bedspread lying on her side, and her top has been pulled down to reveal her bare breasts. This clip was made to be a companion scene for the "Diva in Distress" multi-bondage video story by Jon Woods of American Damsels. Elements of this clip came from a fan request.

Superheroine vs Dr Dubious  0
Superheroine vs Dr Dubious  1
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The Superheroine's encounter with Dr. Dubious doesn't go so well. He uses a device to render her limp. He checks her condition for a few minutes, and by the time she comes to, she discovers she's been roped to a chair. Dr. Dubious interrogates her about where the secret headquarters is of the Women's Nemesis League. The torments include unmasking, breast-groping and nipple-squeezing. Then the Doctor sends in his hunchbacked lab assistant to tickle our superbabe's hose-clad feet. When that doesn't work, out comes the vibrator, and the supercaptive resists mightily until she succumbs to orgasm. - - Dr. Dubious: Jon Woods. Jacob Igor: Count Boogie. Superheroine: Lorelei Mission.  Note: Studies have suggested the typical female orgasm is 3 to 15 contractions or so, but for some reason this particular orgasm went to 26 contractions... goodness sakes... (and not faked, Lorelei never fakes O's). 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV.

Van Bondage!

2011-02-24 Ashley Renee and Jon Woods 86 images Bondage
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TWO SETS TOGETHER. - I was working on my computer when the phone rang.  It was Ashley Renee.  She said her photographer had an emergency and couldn't work with her... and that she was just sitting around in full makeup with nobody to tie her up.  Talk about a damsel in distress!  I invited her over and tried to be a good hostess -- by tying her up in the BondageMobile.  :)  I found the lacy black slip in the wardrobe room. I'm not sure where it came from. It might have been a gift from Volcane. Doesn't Ashley look beautiful in it?  For the boss set Jon Woods did on-screen tying.

Van Bondage and Secretary Bondage

2011-02-10 Anna Mills and Jon Woods 64 images Bondage
Van Bondage and Secretary Bondage 0
Van Bondage and Secretary Bondage 1
Van Bondage and Secretary Bondage 2
Van Bondage and Secretary Bondage 3
Van Bondage and Secretary Bondage 4

TWO SETS TOGETHER.  Anna's tied up in a storage room and in the van. -- Over the years I've had a lot of fantasies about vans.  They're such a convenient place for bondage on the go.  When I got this van it wasn't in good shape, so we couldn't really take it anywhere, but that didn't affect the excitement.  I had fun tying up other gals in it.  This was my first day shooting with Anna Mills and we had a good time.  :)

Garage-Bound Victims

2010-08-04 Ashley Renee, Lana Lopez, and Jon Woods 78 images Bondage
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Garage-Bound Victims  1
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Garage-Bound Victims  3
Garage-Bound Victims  4
2 SETS TOGETHER. Lana Lopez is in cute summerwear, captive of our car trunk in the garage. Ashley Renee is strappado'd by fiendish Jon Woods. Both sets include toplessness; Ashley shows 'pink'. Rigging and photography by Lorelei of BedroomBondage. Set ID Ashley13Lana1.