Loren Chance Taped

2017-01-22 Loren Chance 46 images Bondage
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In our little circle of photogs -- Jon Woods, Eric Holman, myself & some others -- Loren Chance is one of the favorites.  She's just so fun and vivacious and intelligent and unusual!  One thing that rarely gets shared on film, though, is that she's (in my mind) about halfway to being a mermaid.  She usually has her hair dyed turqouise, she has sea creatures tattooed on various parts of her body, and she has some cool lines tattooed up the backs of her legs that look to me like instructions on how to sew her mermaid-tail back together.
Here's a day that we had yet another wig on her, and sure she looks cute, but the most recent time I saw her in person, I thought to myself, "We've got to shoot that long flowing turqouise hair and all her sea-woman tattoos."  Maybe I'll even put her in a mermaid costume someday.
Anyway, I just wanted to share with you that although Loren can pass for the generic cutesy girl-next-door type, there's a "real Loren" under there that's uniquely erotic.
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Military Stress Test - Lorelei is WrapGagged Roped Taped and Groped 0
Military Stress Test - Lorelei is WrapGagged Roped Taped and Groped 1
Military Stress Test - Lorelei is WrapGagged Roped Taped and Groped 2


This is part 1 (of 2) from "Military Stress Test - Lorelei is WrapGagged Roped Taped and Vibed". This part includes all the onscreen tying and onscreen gag sequences and groping and onscreen tape-wrapping. This part does not include the vibrator orgasm.

This story is much longer than our usual stories because we decided to really take our time building up the level of bondage.

Lorelei has been brought back into service for a special undercover assignment but first they bring in Grayman to test how much she can really take. Lorelei's superior exits the room and she is left alone with Grayman. Our uniformed damsel is initially cooperative as her wrists are tied behind her back, she's cleave-gagged, legs are roped, and duct tape is added to her face. But after that, Grayman starts groping and manhandling Lorelei, which alarms her and sets off indignant mmmphing and struggling. Left alone for a moment Lorelei tries to take the opportunity to hop over to the wall and hide behind the drapes, but she can't get past the bed. She decides to tough it out after all and sits back down. Grayman reappears, adds chest ropes, and removes the gag... Lorelei thinks she's going to be freed but instead her mouth is stuffed with cloth, and microfoam tape is wrapped all around her head. Lorelei finds herself utterly unable to escape or object as her breasts are exposed and groped at length. Grayman decides that even this isn't enough, and red duct tape is brought in to wrap over all of Lorelei's ropework and also wrap around her previous gag.

Rigging and videography by Jon Woods. Some segments shot on tripod.

Securely Taped to the Chair - Keisha Grey

2014-09-04 Keisha Grey 5:30 minutes Bondage
Securely Taped to the Chair - Keisha Grey 0
Securely Taped to the Chair - Keisha Grey 1
Securely Taped to the Chair - Keisha Grey 2

Looks like a door-to-door duct-tape salesman has gotten the better of Keisha Grey! She struggles and mmphs petulantly, to no avail. Toplessness.