Bound and Felt Up 4 - Lorelei Groped by Jamie Foster 0
Bound and Felt Up 4 - Lorelei Groped by Jamie Foster 1
Bound and Felt Up 4 - Lorelei Groped by Jamie Foster 2

Jamie rushes in to discover that her friend Lorelei must've gotten burglarized! Lorelei is all tied up (even her elbows) and tapegagged... oh my gosh! Lorelei is frantically mmphing to be untied but Jamie tells her to calm down. How about a nice massage to calm down after this traumatic experience. Lorelei struggles as Jamie runs her horny cougar hands over Lorelei's big boobs. Uh oh the top comes off and Jamie is groping and squeezing Lorelei's breasts as the captive squeals in indignation. Eventually wacky Jamie takes off without even having rescued Lorelei. Lorelei stands up and makes a few attempts to hop away. Bouncing bouncing boobs for your enjoyment. - - Excellent ropework by Jon Woods. - - 1920x1080pixel high definition WMV,

Bound and Manhandled Secretary

2011-02-04 Ashley Renee and Jon Woods 34 images Bondage
Bound and Manhandled Secretary 0
Bound and Manhandled Secretary 1
Bound and Manhandled Secretary 2
Bound and Manhandled Secretary 3
Bound and Manhandled Secretary 4

Ashley Renee and I both enjoy being tied up and touched.  So every time we do pictures, we have a difficult time acting, if we're supposed to look "distressed". Sometimes that's kinda sweet, though, like in the last pic of this set.  Rigging & photography by me (Lorelei).  Villainy by Jon Woods.

Special Delivery: Bondage Captive

2010-12-16 Claire Adams and Damon 56 images Bondage
Special Delivery: Bondage Captive 0
Special Delivery: Bondage Captive 1
Special Delivery: Bondage Captive 2
Special Delivery: Bondage Captive 3
Special Delivery: Bondage Captive 4

"I was hangin' out with Damon yesterday when his Christmas gift arrived from Frank. It turned out to be a cute little muffin but she didn't seem happy to be there. She kept looking over at me like I should rescue her, but hey, she was Damon's present, y'know?" SetID# ClaireAdams7.