A Swingin' Time - Kimberly Marvel and Sabrina Rose 0
A Swingin' Time - Kimberly Marvel and Sabrina Rose 1
A Swingin' Time - Kimberly Marvel and Sabrina Rose 2
A Swingin' Time - Kimberly Marvel and Sabrina Rose 3
A Swingin' Time - Kimberly Marvel and Sabrina Rose 4

When both Kimberly and Sabrina were new with us, we asked them what sort of things they wanted to do, and both wanted to try being suspended.  So we did a thigh swing suspension with Sabrina, then did this comfortable "face up caterpillar" suspension with Kimberly.  Oh, the giggles!
Progression, suspension, suspended, rope bondage, smiling, happy, barefoot, bluejeans, denim, cleave gag, nipple peek.
JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set KimberlylMarvel6Sabrina.

Big Boobed Babe in Blue Jean Bondage - Ashley Renee 0
Big Boobed Babe in Blue Jean Bondage - Ashley Renee 1
Big Boobed Babe in Blue Jean Bondage - Ashley Renee 2

Ashley's barefoot in bluejeans & top as she struggles on the bed, to the floor, to the closet. Leather panel gag with mouth plug, topless, big tits, busty, buxom, foot bondage, foot ropes, denim, blue jeans, barefoot, bare feet. Video verite'. Tight shooting area, so the camera's shadow appears at times.

Bound Blondes Tanya, Vesta, Xara 0
Bound Blondes Tanya, Vesta, Xara 1
Bound Blondes Tanya, Vesta, Xara 2
Bound Blondes Tanya, Vesta, Xara 3
Bound Blondes Tanya, Vesta, Xara 4


Tanya Danielle - Blonde Bombshell Bound - I saw a non-bondage website where a fan proclaimed that Tanya Danielle is the most beautiful woman on earth.  I hope she's seen that!  Wouldn't it make her feel good!  Of course, around here, folks feel that adding a few ropes makes beautiful women even more beautiful...  :)

Vesta's Wild Ride - Rigging by Jon Woods - Photos by Lorelei - It was a lot of fun picking Vesta up with Zeke's van and tying her in the back for pics.  This set was wild -- we were bumping down the freeway at 65 mph while Jon tried to rig, Vesta tried to look worried (hee hee) and I tried to hold the camera steady.  Some of the pics came out blurry, but it was worth it just for the sheer fun of doing van bondage! 

Xara Diaz - Barefoot & Ballgagged - This was my first time tying Xara, and I was very happy.  She knew how to pose without me really having to say anything.  She claimed this was her first time doing bondage modeling, but could that be true?  She was such a natural!


Duct Tape Bondage!

2011-03-24 Darling Dee Williams and Jenni Lee 53 images Bondage
Duct Tape Bondage! 0
Duct Tape Bondage! 1
Duct Tape Bondage! 2
Duct Tape Bondage! 3
Duct Tape Bondage! 4

TWO SETS TOGETHER - Set 1: Poor Darling! First she's lost in a warehouse, then she runs into her old friend, Lorelei The Wacky Bondager! - Set 2: This was a strange little idea that we couldn't resist trying.  Jenni Lee found it fun.  Sometimes ya just gotta hop out of the envelope.

Special Delivery: Bondage Captive

2010-12-16 Claire Adams and Damon 56 images Bondage
Special Delivery: Bondage Captive 0
Special Delivery: Bondage Captive 1
Special Delivery: Bondage Captive 2
Special Delivery: Bondage Captive 3
Special Delivery: Bondage Captive 4

"I was hangin' out with Damon yesterday when his Christmas gift arrived from Frank. It turned out to be a cute little muffin but she didn't seem happy to be there. She kept looking over at me like I should rescue her, but hey, she was Damon's present, y'know?" SetID# ClaireAdams7.

Van Bondage: Melissa & Cassia

2010-11-18 Cassia Riley and Melissa Jacobs 48 images Bondage
Van Bondage: Melissa & Cassia 0
Van Bondage: Melissa & Cassia 1
Van Bondage: Melissa & Cassia 2
Van Bondage: Melissa & Cassia 3
Van Bondage: Melissa & Cassia 4

Melissa Jacobs & Cassia Riley are outdoor captives!  Photography by Lorelei of BedroomBondage.

Garage-Bound Victims

2010-08-04 Ashley Renee, Lana Lopez, and Jon Woods 78 images Bondage
Garage-Bound Victims  0
Garage-Bound Victims  1
Garage-Bound Victims  2
Garage-Bound Victims  3
Garage-Bound Victims  4
2 SETS TOGETHER. Lana Lopez is in cute summerwear, captive of our car trunk in the garage. Ashley Renee is strappado'd by fiendish Jon Woods. Both sets include toplessness; Ashley shows 'pink'. Rigging and photography by Lorelei of BedroomBondage. Set ID Ashley13Lana1.