Bondage Orgasm for Ponygirl Lorelei - plus Outtakes 0
Bondage Orgasm for Ponygirl Lorelei - plus Outtakes 1
Bondage Orgasm for Ponygirl Lorelei - plus Outtakes 2

Busty ponygirl Lorelei is dressed in a topless demi satin corset, 12-strap garter belt, black stockings, six-inch "fuck-me" patent-leather heels, long black opera gloves, posture collar, and lovely ponygirl headgear with plume, ears, and chin-strap. Seated over a large powerful vibrator, she's seen fully restrained with leather mitts, two spreader-bars, a red leather cuff set, purple leather blindfold with nonslip nose-hole, and secure ropework. She is gagged onscreen over and over again, sampling a ring-gag, spandex-strap ballgag, rubber bit-gag with side rings, hard wooden bit-gag, and a thick leather bit-gag. Each time she gets a new gag, her trainer turns up the vibrator another notch. He also occasionally gropes his mare. The captive eventually succumbs to a powerful shuddering orgasm. Then a big shiny pony nose is strapped onto her head and she's left alone in her misery. At times her mmphs almost sound like a pony.

BEHIND THE SCENES footage is included afterward, showing the untying process; the ponygirl makes a few comments about the bondage experience.