Trapped in the Cube - Secretary Lorelei is Held Captive 0
 Trapped in the Cube - Secretary Lorelei is Held Captive 1
 Trapped in the Cube - Secretary Lorelei is Held Captive 2

Busty secretary Lorelei is trapped inside the dreaded Cube! It's dirty and scuffed and scary. How long will she be in there? There's only so much air, right? The bound and gagged captive whimpers and tries to squirm, but she doesn't have room to move around. Main video is followed by outtakes.

Behind the Scenes segment: I wish we'd video'd the process of getting me tied up inside the cube beforehand, because it was very crowded and difficult, but we didn't think of running the cameras at the time. I do have footage of the untying process so that you can see just how cramped it is to work inside the cube, even when the lid is off. Also the outtakes show a moment right before we started filming where you can see I'm realizing I have very little space and can't find any comfortable place to put my feet. By the way, I was sitting on two metal bolts during parts of the scene, and I wouldn't say that's ideal! Watch for the part where I'm trying to climb out of the tank and I'm getting a hard plastic wedgie. Heh.

Topless, big tits, rope bondage, tape gag, tapegagged, blouse, skirt, stockings, high heels, waist cincher, hip corset, blonde, curvy, buxom, milf, mature, ladyboss, bosslady, bondage device, box, crate, tank, cube, plexiglass, acrylic, transparent, outtakes, behind the scenes, bloopers, Studio X, Studio-X. Rigging by Jon Woods.