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Well, this is something different! Karter got into the cheerleader outfit and got into place to get tied up. She seemed interested in what I was planning so I asked her how did SHE think I should tie her up? She showed me that she wanted her hands over her head. So I did that, and asked her how she wanted her legs restrained, so she said she wanted them tied cross-ankle. So I did that too. A tape gag was added, then we video'd her doing her "damsel" bit like that for a few minutes. Afterward I asked her what else she wanted to happen. She got into a second position with her arms and legs spread apart... so again I tied them where she wanted them. When I was getting her shirt all ripped up, she giggled and giggled through her gag. Then we video'd some more. I can't remember the last time a model wanted to actively direct how she got bound and gagged, so this was pretty neat!

Rigging by Lorelei Mission.