Rich Bitch Bound Gagged and Made to Come - Lorelei 0
Rich Bitch Bound Gagged and Made to Come - Lorelei 1
Rich Bitch Bound Gagged and Made to Come - Lorelei 2

This is part 1 (of 2) from "Rich Bitch Bound Gagged Hogtied and Made to Come".

This isn't one of our typical 2-scene stories because this time around we went for some new positions and reversed the usual order of the tale. Also I generally like stories about "innocent" women but in this video the "lady" kinda had it coming!
Part 1. A snooty rich bitch in a purple gown and high heels calls a plumber and demands immediate service for her two sinks. In fact she calls twice and she's inexcusably rude and arrogant over the phone. Later she answers the door thinking it will be a plumber but instead it's a masked man. He comes right in and grabs her.  Next thing you know, she's all tied up. Her wrists have been leashed to the pipes under her sink and the rest of her is secured to a bench. The intruder crams a kerchief into the lady's yapper, duct-tapes her mouth shut, and then wields a big multi-speed vibrator until our big-titted dame is made to submit to orgasm. - - Behind-The-Scenes footage follows! - - Ski-masked man: Jon Woods. Shot on tripod with three cameras.
Evening gown, garter belt, black stockings, high heels, male domination, ski mask, rope bondage, onscreen gag, stuffing, tape gag, topless, big tits, groping, manhandling, outtakes, behind the scenes, candid, bloopers.