Mummification in Packing Tape - Jon Wraps Lorelei 0
Mummification in Packing Tape - Jon Wraps Lorelei 1
Mummification in Packing Tape - Jon Wraps Lorelei 2

There are two versions of this video. One shows ski-masked Jon wrapping Lorelei in tape bondage and then shows her squirming alone. The other version focuses on solo bondage footage and does not include Jon wrapping Lorelei. This is the version that shows on-screen wrapping.

Lorelei starts out with her head already secured with medical tape and scotch tape. Portions of the binding process are shown as a ski-masked bad guy wraps Lorelei in clear plastic, with a big 4-speed vibrator jammed between her legs. The vibrator is switched on and Lorelei wriggles around for 9 minutes before succumbing to orgasm. But it's not over yet. We now watch as solid sticky secure packing-tape is wrapped up and down Lorelei's body. She squirms while leaning against the wall and then rolling on the floor. Next the plastic wrap is used to completely cover her breasts and feet. Lorelei writhes on the chair in her secure cocoon. - - Interactive segments recorded on tripod. - - Kitchen wrap, saran wrap, plastic wrap, transparent wrap, cling wrap, packing tape, tape gag, tapegagged, head wrap, mummification, mummified, mummy bondage, mummy, bare breasts, topless, big tits, busty, buxom, big boobs, barefoot, bare feet, vibrator, orgasm, bound orgasm, bondage orgasm.