Locker Room Bound: Andrea Neal 0
Locker Room Bound: Andrea Neal 1
Locker Room Bound: Andrea Neal 2
Locker Room Bound: Andrea Neal 3
Locker Room Bound: Andrea Neal 4

I couldn't decide whether to light the set brightly so we could see every inch of Andrea, or make the set shadowy to emphasize her scary situation. Finally I decided to photo it both ways. So this set has pics both bright and dark.

Andrea Neal was one of the most popular bondage models of the first internet era. She was a doll. Just about everybody liked her - fans and photographers alike. (In an interview video, when Dorothy asked Andrea what she liked best about bondage modeling, she replied "the people".)

Andrea's pics became so popular that underground groups formed to trade her photosets. This grew to such an extent that for many photographers, putting up Andrea Neal photosets generated more work than income.  If people don't trade these pics all to heck, then I'll be very excited to show you other sets I still have of Andrea... no one's seen them! On the other hand, if this set winds up plastered all over the internet and Yahoo Groups, perhaps it'll work better to store the rest of her photosets for another 7 years or so. :)