Darla Crane in Office Trouble 4 - Outtakes 0
Darla Crane in Office Trouble 4 - Outtakes 1
Darla Crane in Office Trouble 4 - Outtakes 2

We often run an extra camera on a tripod at shoots, just in case anything goes wrong with the main camera. Via this 2nd camera you can enjoy a half-hour of behind-the-scenes footage. Darla, Jon Woods and Lorelei chat and laugh during preparations, rigging, bloopers, etc. An offscreen friend who's just getting over a cold is heard laughing and coughing. Fluffy fosterpup Chevy wanders in and out of frame at times.  Topics include movie lines, smartphones, pets, Lorelei's over-hairsprayed hair, etc. - - Outtakes, behind the scenes, bloopers, candid, rigging, onscreen tying, babytalk. Rope bondage, ungagged, gagged, redhead, chair bondage, office bondage, secretary bondage, sexy secretary, office wear, blouse, mini-skirt, eyeglasses, stockings, high heels, shoeless, stockinged feet, big tits, nice tits, busty, buxom, milf bondage, milf, mature, tipped chair.