Big-Boob Secretary Taped 0
Big-Boob Secretary Taped 1
Big-Boob Secretary Taped 2
Big-Boob Secretary Taped 3
Big-Boob Secretary Taped 4

Secretary Alexis is duct-taped to her chair and temporarily gagged with a bunch of pens shoved into her mouth.  She manages to get those out and then uses one pen in her mouth to try to dial the phone for help. This doesn't work and she eventually finds herself tipped onto the floor. -- This was a completely unplanned shoot.  Another rigger had scheduled a two-model video shoot for this day, but then one model was sick, so I asked the other model - Alexis - if she wanted to stay around anyway and get tied up all afternoon.  We made things up as we went along, and it was kinda fun!  Alexis was the one who had the idea about having her hands taped to her body.