Schoolgirl Bound in her Torn Uniform - Blair Williams 0
Schoolgirl Bound in her Torn Uniform - Blair Williams 1
Schoolgirl Bound in her Torn Uniform - Blair Williams 2

Sexy student Blair finds herself tied up with satin cloth and thick red rope. She tries hopping to the door but it's locked. Her escape attempt only results in more bondage. Finally she finds herself secured to a chair and she can't move at all. Ungagged, gagged, tapegagged, tape gag, topless, nice tits, no panties, pantyless, shaved, pink, school uniform, schoolgirl, costume, plaid, miniskirt, torn clothes, ripped clothes, stockings, high heels, losing shoes, shoeless, stockinged feet, escape attempt, locked door, rope bondage, cloth bondage, cloth strips, satin, shiny, chair tie, chair bondage, chair bound.

Miko Sinz Dress-Bound

24.07.2016 Miko Sinz 121 Bilder Bondage
Miko Sinz Dress-Bound 0
Miko Sinz Dress-Bound 1
Miko Sinz Dress-Bound 2
Miko Sinz Dress-Bound 3
Miko Sinz Dress-Bound 4

Miko is surprised at home.  Soon she finds herself bound with shreds from her own dress, and rope bondage added.  She winds up in a toe-bondage hogtie.
Cloth strip bondage, rope bondage, sundress, summer dress, torn clothes, ripped clothes, torn clothing, barefoot, bare feet, cleave gag, cleavegagged, Asian, exotic, topless, bare breasts, hogtie, hogtied, hog tie, hog tied, tied toes, toes tied, big toes, crotchrope, joy rope.

Bondage Orgasm - LadyBoss Lorelei

06.12.2015 Lorelei in Bondage 11:31 Minuten Orgasms
Bondage Orgasm - LadyBoss Lorelei 0
Bondage Orgasm - LadyBoss Lorelei 1
Bondage Orgasm - LadyBoss Lorelei 2

Lorelei is being held captive in the workroom. It's unclear how long she's been there but probably a long time because she looks exhausted. Her business suit has rips and tears in it. She mmphs and struggles when the captor comes to check on her. Eventually she stands up and tries to hop but she is discovered. Next she's seen in a chair-tie (frogleg style) with a vibrator roped to her crotch. She wiggles left and right and back and forth but that vibrator is tied on here very securely. She can't escape from it. The vibrator buzzes and buzzes and she tries to wait it out, but after a few minutes she just can't hold back any more and she succumbs to rgasm. - - Mature model in her 40s.

Hogtied from Head to Toe - Arielle Lane

11.10.2015 Arielle Lane 7:44 Minuten Bondage
Hogtied from Head to Toe - Arielle Lane 0
Hogtied from Head to Toe - Arielle Lane 1
Hogtied from Head to Toe - Arielle Lane 2

Arielle Lane writhes in a 3-step leashed hogtie, with the top of her ballgag-head-harness roped backward toward her big toes. By the 3rd step, her ropes have been slightly hoisted to the ceiling to keep her securely captive in one spot. She's topless, partially clad in a shredded sundress.  --  Rope bondage, barefoot, ripped clothes, ripped dress, hogtied, big toes tied, toes tied together, torn dress, hog tie, torn clothes, spaghetti rope, pretzel hogtie, ballgag, ballgagged, head harness ballgag, hogtie.

Van Bondage!

24.02.2011 Ashley Renee und Jon Woods 86 Bilder Bondage
Van Bondage! 0
Van Bondage! 1
Van Bondage! 2
Van Bondage! 3
Van Bondage! 4

TWO SETS TOGETHER. - I was working on my computer when the phone rang.  It was Ashley Renee.  She said her photographer had an emergency and couldn't work with her... and that she was just sitting around in full makeup with nobody to tie her up.  Talk about a damsel in distress!  I invited her over and tried to be a good hostess -- by tying her up in the BondageMobile.  :)  I found the lacy black slip in the wardrobe room. I'm not sure where it came from. It might have been a gift from Volcane. Doesn't Ashley look beautiful in it?  For the boss set Jon Woods did on-screen tying.

Chased and Captured

13.01.2011 Anastasia Pierce und Liam Pierce 32 Bilder Bondage
Chased and Captured 0
Chased and Captured 1
Chased and Captured 2
Chased and Captured 3
Chased and Captured 4

Starring Anastasia Pierce and Liam. - - This cool setting is our local BDSM/fetish club.  Between their events, socials and classes, they rent the space out for shoots.  For these photos we just kinda explored the nooks and crannies of the place. At the end she's supposed to look scared, but actually, Anastasia looked pretty happy when her boyfriend was caressing her.  :)