Jenni Lee in Bondage

29.03.2012 Jenni Lee 50 Bilder Bondage
Jenni Lee in Bondage 0
Jenni Lee in Bondage 1
Jenni Lee in Bondage 2
Jenni Lee in Bondage 3
Jenni Lee in Bondage 4


Close to the Phone - Rigger Lorelei writes: "I don't know what I would call this position... perhaps a hands-overhead half-frogtie... that makes it sound like a dive, doesn't it?  It's fun having access to unusual furniture so that we can try different positions. This is one of the playrooms at Threshold, the BDSM club that Jon and I go to."

Waitress Detained - "I'm having a minor love affair with this waitress costume, as some of you have probably noticed. But I love Jenni Lee even more... isn't she ADORABLE!"



Ariel Anderssen in Bondage

15.03.2012 Alexis Taylor und Ariel Anderssen 75 Bilder Bondage
Ariel Anderssen in Bondage 0
Ariel Anderssen in Bondage 1
Ariel Anderssen in Bondage 2
Ariel Anderssen in Bondage 3
Ariel Anderssen in Bondage 4


Set 1. QUEEN OF THE REMOTE - Ariel and Alexis Taylor argue over control of the television.  Someone has to lose.

Set 2. CUTESY BLONDE IN BONDAGE - Ariel hasn't gotten free yet.