Wife in Trouble - Lorelei is Tickle-Tortured 0
Wife in Trouble - Lorelei is Tickle-Tortured 1
Wife in Trouble - Lorelei is Tickle-Tortured 2

This is part 2 (of 2) from "Wife in Trouble - Toe-Tied and Tickle-Tortured."

I'm just your everyday wifey, barefoot in the kitchen wearing my apron and gingham dress. I'm tied to the kitchen stools so I can't go anywhere, with my big toes tied together and my big breasts exposed.  I'm tickle-tortured on my soles for 4 minutes because the burglar wants to know where I hide my jewelry. I can't bear the tickling so I do a lot of thrashing and swearing and shrieking.

Rigging and tickling by Eric Holman.  Shot on tripod.

Tickled Secretary Carissa Montgomery 0
Tickled Secretary Carissa Montgomery 1
Tickled Secretary Carissa Montgomery 2

Part 1 of "Bondage at the Office". Secretary Carissa has been tied up at the office. Co-worker Ashley Renee comes in and discovers her. Carissa expects to be rescued and untied, but instead, Ashley removes the strappy high heels and tickles Carissa on her stockinged feet. 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV.