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The Superheroine's encounter with Dr. Dubious doesn't go so well. He uses a device to render her limp. He checks her condition for a few minutes, and by the time she comes to, she discovers she's been roped to a chair. Dr. Dubious interrogates her about where the secret headquarters is of the Women's Nemesis League. The torments include unmasking, breast-groping and nipple-squeezing. Then the Doctor sends in his hunchbacked lab assistant to tickle our superbabe's hose-clad feet. When that doesn't work, out comes the vibrator, and the supercaptive resists mightily until she succumbs to orgasm. - - Dr. Dubious: Jon Woods. Jacob Igor: Count Boogie. Superheroine: Lorelei Mission.  Note: Studies have suggested the typical female orgasm is 3 to 15 contractions or so, but for some reason this particular orgasm went to 26 contractions... goodness sakes... (and not faked, Lorelei never fakes O's). 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV.