Strung Up By Her Thighs - Includes Behind The Scenes - Lorelei is Suspended 0
Strung Up By Her Thighs - Includes Behind The Scenes - Lorelei is Suspended 1
Strung Up By Her Thighs - Includes Behind The Scenes - Lorelei is Suspended 2

PRICE BREAK. When doing frogtie suspensions I've always included extra ropes for secondary weight support (torso and/or arms). About 12 years ago I started wondering what it would be like to be suspended from the thighs with no extra weight support anywhere. Finally, I got to try this. It's the most difficult suspension I've ever done and at 50 years old I did ask myself several times "Am I crazy? What am I doing?" But we made it happen.

This video shows before, during and after. The guys are talking with me as I finish tightly tying my legs. The conversation includes joking around, figure-8 style rigging, an anecdote about "Jon knots", and I joke "don't try this at home". But actually, seriously, don't replicate this suspension; now that I've done it and experienced it, I don't think it's a safe position. As you can see from the photo and sample video clip, this suspension greatly reduces circulation in the legs, and that can cause problems.

Ikaras tightens the laces on my waist-cincher. Then there's a little joke moment where we video-pose with me trying to suspend myself while the guys pretend they won't help. After they lift me onto the chairs I go over last-minute procedures with them, some of which I planned ahead of time, but I also make a few changes.

I don't like hoisted suspensions; I prefer suspensions done by removing support from underneath, so that's what happens here. The guys remove the chairs until I'm hanging free on the ropes. The suspension footage lasts about 5 minutes and I do it "damsel" style with sad mmphing. (We recorded this with as many cameras as we could get, so the footage from different angles doesn't have the same color balance. Sorry about that!)

Afterward the guys get me untied while I make comments about the suspension.

Well, now that I've finally done the infamous inverted Frogtie Suspension, I can cross that dream off my "bucket list". Enjoy!

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