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In our little circle of photogs -- Jon Woods, Eric Holman, myself & some others -- Loren Chance is one of the favorites.  She's just so fun and vivacious and intelligent and unusual!  One thing that rarely gets shared on film, though, is that she's (in my mind) about halfway to being a mermaid.  She usually has her hair dyed turqouise, she has sea creatures tattooed on various parts of her body, and she has some cool lines tattooed up the backs of her legs that look to me like instructions on how to sew her mermaid-tail back together.
Here's a day that we had yet another wig on her, and sure she looks cute, but the most recent time I saw her in person, I thought to myself, "We've got to shoot that long flowing turqouise hair and all her sea-woman tattoos."  Maybe I'll even put her in a mermaid costume someday.
Anyway, I just wanted to share with you that although Loren can pass for the generic cutesy girl-next-door type, there's a "real Loren" under there that's uniquely erotic.
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