Dungeon-Tied Orgasm for Lorelei 0
Dungeon-Tied Orgasm for Lorelei 1
Dungeon-Tied Orgasm for Lorelei 2

This is part 2 of the 2 DungeonTied scenes.  Lorelei is being held captive in a dungeon somewhere. She's perched on a leather-horse with a vibrator tied to her clit. Her captor switches the vibrator on... then a bit later puts the vibrator on level 2... later, level 3... and finally level 4 which is vibrating her clit at an irresistible speed! Lorelei tries to fight it for about 5 minutes before finally succumbing to a orgasm, mmphing through her tape-gag. - Black slip, barefoot, topless, black waist cincher. -- Captor: Jon Woods. -- Overexposed image.  1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV.