Dress Destroyed on WrapGagged Damsel Lorelei 0
Dress Destroyed on WrapGagged Damsel Lorelei 1
Dress Destroyed on WrapGagged Damsel Lorelei 2

For those of you who requested it, this is a special edit from "Dress Cut Open on WrapGagged Captive" containing only the solo-damsel segments.

Our Captive has been left alone with her hands and feet tied. A red tape gag is keeping her sounds muffled. She immediately kicks off her heels and hops around barefoot trying to figure out if there's a door or window behind the curtains. She's wearing a floral sundress, black waist-cincher and a ponytail. (3mins)Later on in her captivity, we see she's been tied to a chair. Her dress was cut open so now her large breasts are exposed. The dress has been pushed up to display her bare thighs. (2mins)  ...Next we see that her hair has been let down and that she's been mouthstuffed and wrapgagged. She continues to struggle in her chair bondage. (4mins)  ...Finally we see she's been blindfolded and left alone in her misery for the night. Finally she's blindfolded for the night. (3mins)

Rigging and videography by Jon Woods. Some segments shot on tripod.