Doctors Bind and Wrap-Gag Lorelei 0
Doctors Bind and Wrap-Gag Lorelei 1
Doctors Bind and Wrap-Gag Lorelei 2

This is part 1 (of 2) from "Two Doctors Bind Helpless Patient Lorelei".  Part 1 - Lorelei's looking nice and curvy in her lovely sundress and high purple boots. She came to the clinic for an appointment, but she ended up stashed in a room in bondage. The culprits return to bind her further (shown on-screen) and switch Lorelei's ballgag for a big fat wad of stuffing plus tape wrap-gag. Are these guys real doctors or are they just posing in scrubs to get to the medicine supply? Later on Lorelei's elbows are suddenly magically tied together but who's gonna mind that?   Interactive segments shot on tripod. Rigging and videography by Jon Woods and Ikaras Jones.