Darla Crane in Office Trouble 4 - Camera 1 0
Darla Crane in Office Trouble 4 - Camera 1 1
Darla Crane in Office Trouble 4 - Camera 1 2

Secretary Darla Crane is still a loyal employee at B&G Company, even though office workers there always seem to have a lot of bad luck. She's working late when a ski-masked man comes to rob the place. We see Darla in ropes and ballgag, struggling and mmphing, while the intruder searches the desk. When Darla tries to stand up, she's caught before she can hop away. Next we see her nicely roped to the chair, so she won't be going anywhere. Enjoy close-ups of this natural redhead's cutely-freckled bare breasts, and her lovely feet as she eventually loses her shoes. Finally sexy secretary Darla is abandoned and alone, flat on the floor (still tied to the chair), mmphing and wriggling in her stockinged feet. Video verite'. - - Rope bondage, ballgag, ballgagged, redhead, chair bondage, office bondage, secretary bondage, sexy secretary, office wear, blouse, mini-skirt, stockings, high heels, losing shoes, shoeless, stockinged feet, big tits, nice tits, busty, buxom, milf bondage, milf, mature, tipped chair, burglar. (Intruder: Jon Woods.)