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The Dangerous Diva is a sexy villainess who's always grabbing and binding innocent rich-chicks and stealing their jewels. But in this case the tables have somehow been turned on the Diva. Initially she's in a basic tie-up, which fails to hold her. She easily escapes and ponders her next move as she paces at her leisure in sexy fetishwear of high-heeled boots, shiny catsuit, long spandex gloves, lace-up corset, and leather mask. After we enjoy this view for a couple of minutes, the Diva finds herself once again in bondage, but this time in a more secure tie-up. She rolls around on the bed in a hogtie, mmphing through her tape-gag, then after a few minutes we see that she's been leashed snugly against the bedspread lying on her side, and her top has been pulled down to reveal her bare breasts. This clip was made to be a companion scene for the "Diva in Distress" multi-bondage video story by Jon Woods of American Damsels. Elements of this clip came from a fan request.