Damsel in the Fireplace - Lorelei in Pink Gown 0
Damsel in the Fireplace - Lorelei in Pink Gown 1
Damsel in the Fireplace - Lorelei in Pink Gown 2

This is part 1 (of 2) from "Damsel in the Fireplace".  LIVE SOUND, no background music. (There is a different version of this video that includes background music.)

The Perils of Miss Lorelei Episode 1. This house may be a drafty old place, but it's home sweet home to Miss Lorelei, so she refuses to sign the deed over to Professor Blackstone Emerson Claw III. The black-caped villain ropes up Miss Lorelei thoroughly (pink gown, petticoats and all) and tucks her into the fireplace. He leaves to find his matchbox, and Miss Lorelei struggles against her bonds, mmphing through her two-layer gag (cleave gag plus overmouth gag). Will she escape this impending peril?

Live sound, ambient sound, victorian, old fashioned, bound and gagged, damsel in distress, overmouth gag, over-the-mouth gag, OTM gag, rope bondage, onscreen tying, on-screen tying, tying, rigging, top hat, cape, masked man, bedroom villain, vintage, steampunk, steampunk bondage, gown, long dress, petticoats, damsel, peril, serial, homage, tribute.   Most of this video was filmed on tripod. Rigging by Jon Woods.