Damsel in the Fireplace - Lorelei in Blue Dress 0
Damsel in the Fireplace - Lorelei in Blue Dress 1
Damsel in the Fireplace - Lorelei in Blue Dress 2

This is part 2 (of 2) from "Damsel in the Fireplace".  LIVE SOUND, no background music. (There is a different version of this video that includes background music.)

The Perils of Miss Lorelei Episode 2. Miss Lorelei's troubles aren't over. Now it's the nefarious baddie known as "Bike" who demands that the deed be signed over to him. Bravely Miss Lorelei declines, and she winds up bound and gagged yet again. Bike even goes so far as to pull open Miss Lorelei's demure blue dress to grope and squeeze her ample bosom. Once again our fair damsel finds herself stashed in the fireplace, awaiting an uncertain fate! Whatever will happen to her?

Victorian, old fashioned, bound and gagged, damsel in distress, overmouth gag, over-the-mouth gag, OTM gag, rope bondage, onscreen tying, on-screen tying, tying, rigging, bedroom villain, vintage, steampunk, steampunk villain, steampunk bondage, gown, long dress, petticoats, topless, bare breasts, big tits, groping, manhandling, fondling, damsel, peril, serial, homage, tribute.   Most of this video was filmed on tripod. Rigging by Jon Woods.