Bound Orgasm in Lilac for Lorelei  0
Bound Orgasm in Lilac for Lorelei  1
Bound Orgasm in Lilac for Lorelei  2

BGFE Bondage Girlfriend Experience series - - This video starts with me being amused as I show the ropework to the camera. Most of the video is then me in my lilac chemise/nightie lying on the lilac-print bedspread, all tied and gagged, while Jon is holding the 4-speed vibrator to my mons. I have a nice orgasm and then Jon runs his hand over my body for a moment before turning off the camera. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV.
Our "BGFE" Home Movies are bits of footage shot during personal sex activities. These home movies do not have high production values. We don't use full lighting, or the big video-camera, or even makeup in the bedroom.