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Stewardess Lorelei Orgasms Twice in Bondage

July 31, 2014 − Jon Woods, Lorelei

16:24 minutes

This is Part 2 (of 2) of the "Stewardess" Story. Lorelei has been moved to a private location. She's shoved onto the bed where the masked man ropes and gropes her and uses a 4-speed vibrator to entice Lorelei to submit to orgasm. Afterward he decides to make her have a second orgasm, and by then she's completely cooperative and having a wonderful time as a bondage captive. This video was shot on tripod. We had no cameraman that day.



Stewardess Lorelei is Tied and Gagged

July 30, 2014 − Jon Woods, Lorelei

13:19 minutes

This is Part 1 (of 2) of the "Stewardess" Story. The busty flight attendant is alone in the middle of the night in a small airport office. She opens a closet and a masked man reaches out and grabs her! Lorelei is roped up (onscreen) and then left to struggle weakly as the felon makes arrangements to move her elsewhere...Afterward we included a couple minutes of behind-the-scenes footage... look for it!Half of this video was shot on tripod. We had no cameraman that day.



Busty Secretary in Ropes - Hannah Perez

July 27, 2014 − Hannah Perez

7:24 minutes

Sexy Hannah starts out upright in a classic tie, then soon a tapegag has been added, then she's upended and her blouse is open. She struggles and mmphs but never escapes. Secretary attire, mini-skirt, high heels, blouse, rope bondage, ropes, spaghetti rope,tape gag, tapegag, topless, busty, buxom.After the end credits there's a short behind-the-scenes bit showing me (Lorelei) applying Hannah's tape-gag.



BigTit Captive Lorelei Gets Vibed to Orgasm

July 24, 2014 − Jon Woods, Lorelei

9:06 minutes

This is only Part 2 (of 2) of "BigTit Captive Attempts Escape but Gets Vibed" (this is the vibrator/orgasm half). Jon has spread Lorelei out on an old trunk and he wields a 4-speed vibrator on her. Lorelei eventually submits to the buzzing device and she has two orgasms. Afterward she's groped a bit more before the fadeout.Secretary, ladyboss, blazer, skirt, pantyhose with torn-open crotch, topless, big tits, big boobs, busty, buxom, shoeless, tape gag, rope bondage, damsel in distress, manhandling, bound orgasms.



BigTit Captive Lorelei Attempts Escape

July 20, 2014 − Jon Woods, Lorelei

12:23 minutes

This is only Part 1 (of 2) from "BigTit Captive Attempts Escape but Gets Vibed" (this is the escape-attempt half).Jon drags Lorelei into the Shack Out Back and he starts adding ropes. She already has her wrists tied and is tape-gagged; her captor rigs the knees and chest area while taking frequent breaks to grope and squeeze Lorelei's huge boobs. Jon hears a noise out front so he leaves without finishing tying the ankles. Lorelei carefully stands up and starts sneaking around the room trying to figure out how to get free. She wanders down a hall and finds herself cornered in a dusty, windowed, dark little room. She's caught in her attempt to flee.There's a brief outtake after the end credits. Look for it!



Mummified Captives Loren Chance and Danielle Trixie

July 17, 2014 − Danielle Trixie, Loren Chance

6:30 minutes

Danielle wonders why she's been wrapped up by space aliens. Her roommate Loren makes a confession. Both find themselves in progressive restraint: plastic wrap plus PVC tape, then tape-gags, then feet are covered too, and eventually there's even more tape for Danielle as she's secured to the furniture.Kitchen wrap, saran wrap, plastic wrap, transparent wrap, cling wrap, cellophane, pvc tape, electrician's tape, black tape, tape gag, tapegagged, bare breasts, topless, barefoot, bare feet.



Lorelei is Vibed to Orgasm - Bound on the Mattress

July 13, 2014 − Jon Woods, Lorelei

10:48 minutes

This is ONLY part 2 (the orgasm part) from "Tickled 5 Ways and Vibed to Orgasm".  I'm all tied up on a mattress on the floor. We roleplay that I'm a captive as Jon gropes my large breasts and then brings me to orgasm via a 4-speed vibrator.  Video verite', moving camera, jump cuts.



Lorelei is Tickled 5 Ways

July 10, 2014 − Jon Woods, Lorelei

13:44 minutes

This is ONLY part 1 (the tickling part) from "Tickled 5 Ways and Vibed to Orgasm".  I'm restrained in 5 basic positions for rounds of tickling. Jon's strong hands and nimble fingers explore my feet, underarms, tummy, knees, neck and ears seeking the most ticklish spots at any moment. I do a lot of laughing, swearing, gasping and struggling.  Video verite', moving camera, jump cuts.



Plastic Wrap on XCross for Sofie Marie

July 07, 2014 − Sofie Marie

2:40 minutes

Sofie is naked in high heels, saran-wrapped to the x-cross, her noises compromised by a padded leather bit-gag.



Van Bondage in the Rain for LadyBoss Lorelei

July 06, 2014 − Lorelei

5:09 minutes

It's a dark and foreboding day, and victim Lorelei is tied up in the van with the sound of rain all around her. We note that she's tapegagged and her big round boobs are exposed. She struggles in her ladyboss suit, tan lace-top stockings and high heels. She seems to have lost her panties somewhere along the way. Very secure bondage (she is roped to the metal rings inside the van).  Some of the footage is overexposed.



Hogtied Superheroine Chrissy Daniels

July 03, 2014 − Chrissy Daniels

6:51 minutes

Superheroine wannabe Chrissy has pulled together a little costume so she marches right off to seek out her first encounter with excitement -- but the only thing that happens is Chrissy finds herself in secure bondage. Aw, dang!



Catie Parker Spread on the Bed

July 02, 2014 − Catie Parker

7:51 minutes

Catie's spread out A-style on the bed. Her panties are missing. She writhes and mmphs. There's an extra rope draped over her leg that hasn't been used yet... what's that for? At the end the extra rope is used to put her in a more dramatic position.



Lorelei is Blackmailed Part 2 - Bound and Vibed

June 30, 2014 − Jon Woods, Lorelei

16:21 minutes

Scene 2.  Lorelei is shoved onto the bed and the blackmailer climbs on top of her to grope her breasts, then apply a new gag of bandanna-cleave plus plenty of duct tape. He removes her shoes and reties her legs into frogtie position (here we see she is fuzzy down-there). There's a moment where Lorelei seems to think she might escape, but that doesn't work out for her... too bad, because by now she's realized that her initial cooperation with the blackmailer was a big mistake. After more breast-fondling, he brings out a big 4-speed vibrator and uses it to break down her defenses bit by bit (about 3 minutes) until she has a shuddering orgasm.

Outtakes/Behind-the-Scenes BGFE:  1. Two minutes of personal footage, above-waist view only. Lorelei's chestropes get a cinch added, she's felt up a bit, and then her noises during initial penetration and thrusting are audible.  2 and 3. Bits of post-bondagesex conversation between captor and gagged captive.  -  - This video was shot on tripod. We had no cameraman that day.



Lorelei is Blackmailed Part 1 - Bound and Gagged

June 29, 2014 − Jon Woods, Lorelei

12:21 minutes

Scene 1.  Lorelei has gone to a mysterious meeting. She's wearing a too-tight blouse, skirt, lace-top stay-up stockings, and high heels. A stranger in a ski mask shows Lorelei the info he's got on her... it's blackmail! She says she'll do anything he says, as long as he doesn't tell her employer. He ties her wrists, handgags her, pulls off her underwear, stuffs that in her mouth, and adds duct tape. Then he ropes her torso, legs and ankles as she reluctantly cooperates. Once she's quite tied up, he yanks open her blouse and manhandles her big breasts, squeezing and pinching. Then he leaves her alone for a few minutes... Lorelei struggles on the sofa, hops around the sofa (breasts a-bouncing) and considers hiding, but thinks better of it and returns to her seat.  Some of this video was shot on tripod. We had no cameraman that day.



Sexy Secretary Hogtied - Aidra Fox

June 26, 2014 − Aidra Fox

12:17 minutes

Aidra is progressively restrained until at last she's in a thorough hogtie! Secretary attire, mini-skirt, high heels, stockings, garter belt, blouse, hogtied, hog tie, rope bondage, ropes, spaghetti rope, layered cleave gag, two cleave gags, cleavegagged, topless.



POV Self-Bondage with Lorelei

June 22, 2014 − Lorelei

25:30 minutes

This is POV self-bondage footage recorded via a GoPro-brand camera strapped to my head.  This is the LONGPLAY version of my GoPro SelfBondage video. This version includes dressing up.

As the camera rolls I put on black stockings, black high heels, and long black opera gloves. I tape the stockings so that they will stay up. I've frozen a handcuff key into an ice cube and placed it outside, so I'm all set for self-bondage. I stuff cloth in my mouth and add tape (not visible), then slowly rope up my torso and chest with the help of a mirror. A few clicks of the handcuffs and I'm ready to make a runway walk up and down the driveway. My heels go click-click-click on the cement as I walk along, looking at my boobs. I then go to retrieve my handcuff key, but am unable to reach it. There's nothing to be done but go knock on the neighbor's door and hope they will help me.

Video verite', some jump cuts, camera movement, random framing, ambient sound, outdoor sounds, visual distortion around the edges due to fish-eye lens.  



Bound in the Trunk - Jamie Lynn

June 19, 2014 − Jamie Lynn

10:33 minutes

Jamie's seen bound hand and foot in front of a big old steamer trunk. She's clearly worried and with good reason. Soon she's settled inside the trunk. Her big bare breasts and bare feet are on display. She's too cowed to escape. By the end, her legs have been roped into the trunk so that she won't be able to hop away.



Topless Maid Lorelei tethered to the Bed

June 15, 2014 − Lorelei

7:43 minutes

Maid Lorelei has been left alone for the moment. She thinks maybe she can escape, but when she attempts to stand up to hop away, she realizes that she's been rope-tethered to the headboard. She makes an effort anyway, which only results in her eventually winding up on the floor, tightly roped against the bedpost.


Bench Bondage - Behind the Scenes with Ashley Renee and Lorelei

June 13, 2014 − Ashley Renee, Lorelei

34:54 minutes

BEHIND THE SCENES!  - - Lorelei ropes and gags and photographs Ashley while the videocamera is left running on a tripod. Listen in while they talk about bondage and nonbondage and minutae...Ashley is wearing a torn sundress, stockings and strappy high heels. Lorelei adds ropes and a head-harness ballgag, then takes some photos. Next our model is lying down on the bench. Lorelei ballgags Ashley, then those lovely long legs are tied up overhead to the garage post. When the scene is done Ashley gets untied.


Garage Bondage - Behind the Scenes with Ashley Renee and Lorelei

June 12, 2014 − Ashley Renee, Lorelei

24:16 minutes

BEHIND THE SCENES! - - Lorelei ropes and gags and photographs Ashley while the videocamera is left running on a tripod. Listen in while they talk about bondage and nonbondage and minutae...Ashley is wearing a torn sundress, stockings and strappy high heels. Lorelei ropes Ashley to a rolling cart, adds a ballgag, and takes some photos. When the scene is done Ashley gets untied. Lorelei then drags a bench into place to prepare for the next scene.