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Big-Boob Barmaid Bound, Hopping, Vibrated - Lorelei

October 27, 2016 − Lorelei in Bondage

4:13 minutes

Lorelei the Barmaid is captive in a hotel. The busty, mature wench perches in ropes on a chair, tries to hop away, then finds herself tied to the chair with a vibrator, and experiences a bondageorgasm. Rigging and videography by Jon Woods.

Big boobs, big breasts, big tits, rope bondage, barefoot, bare feet, costume, uniform, barmaid, bar maid, dirndl, german dress, oktoberfest, serving wench, waitress, tape gag, tapegagged, blonde, hop, hopping, breasts bouncing, bouncing titties, boobs bouncing, bouncing boobs, escape attempt, chair bondage, chair tie, chair bound, vibrator, hitachi, magic wand, bondage orgasm, bound orgasm.


Hogtied BeerGirl - Big Boobed Captive Lorelei

October 26, 2016 − Lorelei in Bondage

3:23 minutes

Busty Lorelei is hogtied barefoot on the rug in her topless barmaid (dirndl) dress. Not much she can do about it. Rigging and videography by Jon Woods.

Costume, barmaid, dirndl, fraulein, bavarian, oktoberfest, german dress, serving wench, waitress, uniform, hogtie, hogtied, hog tie, hog tied, barefoot, bare feet, busty, buxom, rope bondage, blonde, tape gag, tapegagged.


Contortion Table with Claire Adams

October 23, 2016 − Claire Adams, Lorelei

67 images

Rigging by Lorelei ~ Pics by Jon Woods. It was the end of the shoot day but we had a little time left.  I flipped the table over on the floor, and asked Claire to figure out a way to be tied to it.  I love pretzel girls!
Includes behind-the-scenes pics. At the end of this photoset are a few shots that I played with in the graphics editor.  Bondage, rope bondage, nude, nudity, naked, barefoot, bare feet, big toes tied, toe ties, foot bondage, flexible, spaghetti rope, table, brunette.  Photoset of JPGs (1200pixels longest side). Set ClaireAdams11. 



Hopping Maid in Bondage with Big Tits Bouncing - Lorelei

October 20, 2016 − Lorelei in Bondage

10:48 minutes

The bound and gagged maid emerges from a hotel room closet and hops to a bench to a latched door, then through the bathroom, around the corner, rests in a chair, then through a door... her big breasts bounce all along the way.
French maid, high heels, rope bondage, tape gag, tapegagged, topless, big tits, big boobs, busty, buxom, stockings, costume, uniform, shoes tied on, bouncing boobs, boobs bouncing, breasts bouncing, hotel room, hotel maid, closet, hopping in bondage, hop.  Two outtakes at the end of the clip.


Garage Captive - Ashley Renee and Liam

October 16, 2016 − Ashley Renee, Liam Pierce

53 images

It was the end of the day, we were running out of time, and it was getting cold (poor Ashley!).  Lucky for me the little trouper was up for shooting one more bondage set.
Secretary, garage, red heels, high heels, miniskirt, mini skirt, stockings, blouse, braless, shaved, rope bondage, male domination, tapegag, tapegagged, big tits, toplesss, pink.



Schoolgirl Bound in her Torn Uniform - Blair Williams

October 13, 2016 − Blair Williams

13:49 minutes

Sexy student Blair finds herself tied up with satin cloth and thick red rope. She tries hopping to the door but it's locked. Her escape attempt only results in more bondage. Finally she finds herself secured to a chair and she can't move at all. Ungagged, gagged, tapegagged, tape gag, topless, nice tits, no panties, pantyless, shaved, pink, school uniform, schoolgirl, costume, plaid, miniskirt, torn clothes, ripped clothes, stockings, high heels, losing shoes, shoeless, stockinged feet, escape attempt, locked door, rope bondage, cloth bondage, cloth strips, satin, shiny, chair tie, chair bondage, chair bound.


DEA Bust - The Tables are Turned on Ariella Ferrera

October 09, 2016 − Ariella Ferrera, Devon Savage

32 images

"Is this some kind of a bust?"
Costume, chair tie, chair bound, rope bondage, big tits, topless, busty, buxom, thigh-high boots, cleave gag, cleavegagged.  Escapee: Devon Savage.
JPG Photoset. 


Bound and Fondled Mika Tan in Kimono - Halloween Party Bondage

October 06, 2016 − Chase Brocco, Mika Tan

4:52 minutes and 60 images

"Fashionably Late" -- After the Halloween party has wound down, partygoers Mika Tan (in kimono) and the host (ninja Chase Brocco) get into a disagreement and Mika winds up chair-tied. The ninja detains her for a while, scarf-gags her when she talks too much, and finally feels up her giant boobs. 720x480pixel MP4 video, and zipped file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Costume, rope bondage, big tits, busty, buxom, gagged, scarf gag, topless, bare breasts, groped, groping, fondling, manhandling, chair bondage, chair bound.


Tied Up Secretary - Office Bondage for Ashley Roberts

October 02, 2016 − Ashley Roberts

3:28 minutes and 53 images

Cute office girl Ashley Roberts is chair-tied and scarf-gagged. She starts out upright, but later finds herself on the floor.  JPG photos and 720x480pixel WMV video.


Lorelei Tied to the Bed in her Panties - Mouth Stuffed and Taped

September 29, 2016 − Jon Woods, Lorelei in Bondage

5:43 minutes

A classic scene from the archives!  Lorelei is smiling and spread-eagled on the bed. Boyfriend Jon Woods stuffs her mouth with a white handkerchief, applies red duct tape to her face, fondles her breasts for a moment, then leaves her to her fantasies. She writhes slowly and makes happy sounds. Some camera noise.  Bondage, bound, rope bondage, tape gag, tapegagged, mouth stuffed gag, spreadeagled, spreadeagle, topless, barefoot, bare feet, panties, underwear, bedroom bondage, bed bondage, bed bound, bedroom bound, consensual.


Lost and Found - Cathryn Beamont Bound in her Gown

September 25, 2016 − Cathryn Beaumont

35 images

Cathryn moved on to a different career years ago, and I thought I'd completely run out of pics of her. But then I found this small photoset in a folder. I got really nostalgic preparing these files because Cathryn was a close friend of mine.  We were fellow Rocky Horror fans. Miss her bunches.
For a few of the shots, I generated two versions (with closer views), because I liked them so much.
Photography by Lorelei.  Costume, gown, renfaire, blonde, buxom, rope bondage, cleave gag, cleavegagged, heels, boots.




BigTitted Blindfolded Hotel Captive - Lorelei squirms in a Cabinet

September 22, 2016 − Lorelei

3:52 minutes

Lorelei's gotten tied up and stashed in a hotel room somewhere! Topless, big tits, rope bondage, layered gag, tape gag, tapegagged, bandanna gag, blindfold, stockings, stockinged feet, shoeless, lotus, silky shiny nightie, cubbyhole, hotel room. Video verite'.


The Phone Call - Naked Strappado for Miss Chastity Lynn

September 18, 2016 − Chastity Lynn, Guy DiSilva

63 images

I wonder what the phone call is about?

Chastity Lynn's first strappado, and first time trying elbow-bondage!  

Naked bondage, nude bondage, barefoot, bare feet, rope bondage, en strappado, cleave gag, cleavegagged, nice tits, blonde. The Watcher: Guy DeSilva.  Rigging and photography by Lorelei.



Bound Barefoot Girl Next Door gets stashed in a Bag - Ashley Lane

September 15, 2016 − Ashley Lane, Jon Woods

9:50 minutes

Ashley Lane is the prettiest girl-next-door in her pink sundress, bare legs, and soft bare feet. She struggles against tight black silky sashes with an animalprint ballgag parting her lips. Later her lovely breasts are put on display, and she's muffled with an animalprint tape gag. Finally a ski-masked man pushes Ashley into a bag and zips it up. She's all ready for storage or transport! Poor little damsel!

Bondage, ballgagged, rope bondage, barefoot, silk, satin, topless, bagged, put into a bag, nice tits, ball gag, tape gag, tapegagged, struggling, girl next door, ski mask, sundress, minidress, bare legs, barefoot bondage, bag bondage, bagged.



Ballgagged Captive of the Dangerous Diva

September 11, 2016 − Lorelei in Bondage, Loren Chance

10:33 minutes

The Dangerous Diva was planning on breaking into a businesswoman's empty home, but instead she finds a busty victim. Lorelei is roped and groped by the gloating burglar-babe. - - Rope bondage, rigging, ballgag, ballgagged, barefoot, bare feet, blonde, topless, big tits, busty, buxom, fondling, groping, catburglar, catsuit, mask, boots. One camera had a file failure so final 4 minutes is tripod footage only.



Bondage Suspension Ball-Tie for Claire Adams

September 08, 2016 − Claire Adams

3:03 minutes and 61 images

Photoset: Suspended Ball.  Rigging by Lorele. Pics by Lorelei and Eric Holman.  Every time Claire comes to town, she wants us to ball-tie her, and she wants us to suspend her. So this time I did both.  Photos show the step-by-step process.    JPGs sized 1200+ pixels longest side.

Video: Claire Adams is suspended in the air, in an inescapable ball tie. Even her bare feet are roped. She told us that only one of these ropes was uncomfortable... can you guess which one...?  720x480pixel WMV.  Behind-the-scenes video footage taken during the photo shoot.  No audio available for the clip so we put in a bit of music.


Vibe Orgasm Bondage - Lorelei Hogtied and Made to Come

September 04, 2016 − Cathryn Beaumont, Lorelei in Bondage

5:33 minutes

This sexplay happened between scenes at a schoolgirl-costume shoot: the gals started to fool around with each other. Lorelei is all roped up, and Cathryn Beaumont puts a big vibrator on her. Lorelei doesn't come right away, but Cathryn is persistent. A real orgasm ensues. - Videography by Jon Woods.

Bondage, ballgag, ballgagged, vibrator, orgasm, girl-girl, schoolgirl costume, school uniform, costume bondage, bedroom, cloth strips, cloth strip bondage, tennis shoes, sandshoes, socks, tennies, sneakers, court shoes.



Headwrapped StuffedGag Bondage for Busty Lorelei

August 28, 2016 − Lorelei in Bondage

11:58 minutes

"Helpless Secretary Can't See Can't Scream" -- The burglar has left this secretary in classic rope bondage with her head totally covered in 2 rolls of medwrap (2 colors) plus a thoroughly stuffed mouth. She can't see a thing but she bravely tries to get up and... no, she can't see well enough to hop so she tries to lean along the wall and... no, she's too scared to continue on blindly, so she sits down again. Then it occurs to her to search the desk drawers for scissors, so she goes by feel along the desk trying to find some mode of escape. Then she remembers there's a phone somewhere on the desk. Her hands search around until her fingers find the keypad and... oh no, she discovers that the phone cord was taken by the burglar. She ends up in utter despair on the floor, squirming pitifully, shoes lost, making sad little mmph mmph sounds.
Wrap gag with stuffed mouth, med wrap, medwrap, vetwrap, head covered, head wrapped, nylon rope, high heels, losing shoes, shoeless, stockinged feet, secretary, ladyboss, boss lady, office, office bondage, blouse, skirt, corset, pantyhose, topless, big tits, natural tits, busty, buxom, mature.
Behind the Scenes: The video concludes with a short moment showing Lorelei's head getting unwrapped and the mouth-stuffing being pulled out.



Office Trouble Part 3 - Darla Crane, Ariella Ferrera

August 25, 2016 − Ariella Ferrera, Darla Crane, Jon Woods

10:11 minutes and 34 images

Darla Crane, Ariella Ferrera, (Jon Woods). 2 ladies with huge tits are in ropes on the rug. Totally naked and barefoot. Overmouth detective gags. They struggle and mmph as the robber searches the office. Later the phone rings, but they can't reach it. Bondage by Lorelei. - - -720x480pixel WMV.  Photoset added 2016.


Office Trouble Part 2 - Darla Crane, Ariella Ferrera

August 21, 2016 − Ariella Ferrera, Darla Crane, Jon Woods

9:51 minutes and 31 images

Darla Crane, Ariella Ferrera, (Jon Woods). 2 busty, leggy, high-heeled secretaries are in ropes on the rug. They struggle and mmph through their overmouth detective gags. Their blouses come open to reveal their huge tits. Bondage by Lorelei of BedroomBondage.  - - 720x480pixel WMV. Photoset added 2016.