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Three Against One - Blonde Beauty Bound Barefoot - Randy Moore

June 26, 2016 − Ikaras Jones, Jon Woods, Randy Moore, Chase Brocco

60 images

Randy Moore with Ikaras Jones, Chase Brocco, Jon Woods.  Rigging by Lorelei. Pics by Lorelei & Jon Woods.
Rope bondage, nude bondage, naked, blonde, tan, tanned, bad guys, fold tie, ball tie, cleave gag, toe tie, toe bondage, toes tied, big toes, burglar.
Zipped file containing 60 JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set RandyMoore1.



Naked Captive Struggles in the Air - Rope Suspension for Blake Eden

June 23, 2016

9:27 minutes

Pretty little Blake is bound and gagged, standing on the bed. She mmphs and squirms like that for a few minutes before she's switched to an all-points suspension. She writhes and struggles and whimpers, turning this way and that, unable to ever stretch her pretty toes down to the surface. Rope bondage, purple leather slave collar, cleave gag, cloth strips on ankles, then purple leather ankle cuffs.


Confident Catburglar Hogtied - Tomiko

June 19, 2016 − Tomiko

4:57 minutes and 48 images

At first, the catburglar laughed!  She figured she would escape quickly.  But then she realized she was trapped!

Catsuit, mask, boots, knee-high boots, high heeled boots, stiletto boots, leather boots, burglar, villainess, supervillainess, rope bondage, tape gag, tapegagged, hogtie, hogtied, hog tie, hog tied, unmasked, unmasking.

Video: 5 minutes.  JPGs: 1200pixels longest side.  Set Tomiko1.



Trapped in the Cube - Secretary Lorelei is Held Captive

June 16, 2016 − Jon Woods, Lorelei in Bondage

10:55 minutes

Busty secretary Lorelei is trapped inside the dreaded Cube! It's dirty and scuffed and scary. How long will she be in there? There's only so much air, right? The bound and gagged captive whimpers and tries to squirm, but she doesn't have room to move around. Main video is followed by outtakes.

Behind the Scenes segment: I wish we'd video'd the process of getting me tied up inside the cube beforehand, because it was very crowded and difficult, but we didn't think of running the cameras at the time. I do have footage of the untying process so that you can see just how cramped it is to work inside the cube, even when the lid is off. Also the outtakes show a moment right before we started filming where you can see I'm realizing I have very little space and can't find any comfortable place to put my feet. By the way, I was sitting on two metal bolts during parts of the scene, and I wouldn't say that's ideal! Watch for the part where I'm trying to climb out of the tank and I'm getting a hard plastic wedgie. Heh.

Topless, big tits, rope bondage, tape gag, tapegagged, blouse, skirt, stockings, high heels, waist cincher, hip corset, blonde, curvy, buxom, milf, mature, ladyboss, bosslady, bondage device, box, crate, tank, cube, plexiglass, acrylic, transparent, outtakes, behind the scenes, bloopers, Studio X, Studio-X. Rigging by Jon Woods.


With Help from a Friend - Sophia Smith Tied Outside

June 12, 2016 − Sophia Smith

49 images

Sometimes when I'm doing bondage shoots, Jon hangs out with his camera too, taking behind-the-scenes pics. I'm really lucky he did that this time, because I had a disk error later and lost all my pics of this position.  Thank you, Jon, for getting these shots!

Rigging by Lorelei; photography by Jon Woods.  Outdoors, outdoor bondage, outside, tree, tree tie, tree bondage, bikini top, topless, denim shorts, sandals, rope bondage, ungagged, gagged, cleave gag, cleavegagged, one leg up, bondage, brunette.  JPGs.  Set SophiaSmith1.



Garden Ornament - Tomiko in Bondage

June 09, 2016 − Tomiko

35 images

As you can tell by the backyard shadows, daylight was ending and we didn't have much time. I tied her wrists with one rope, then picked a very long rope to lash her to the post as quickly as possible.  The sun set midway through, so I didn't get as many pics as I'd hoped. 

Outdoors, outdoor bondage, outside, post, post tie, post bondage, strappy heels, streetwear, blouse, miniskirt, rope bondage, cleave gag, cleavegagged, topless, milf. Rigging and photography by Lorelei.  Set Tomiko2. 




Office Slave in Hood and Ballgag has Bondage Orgasm - Lorelei - Extra Orgasm

June 05, 2016 − Lorelei in Bondage

15:47 minutes

Secretary Lorelei has been fully transformed into an office slave. She's been thoroughly roped to her desk chair, seated over a big relentless vibrator. She eventually succumbs to the vibrations. Her shuddering orgasm suddenly pushes all the accumulated saliva out of her mouth. Great ballgag-drool moment.

After the slave has been freed, she treats herself to an extra orgasm, even though she's still hooded.

Black spandex hood, ballgag, neck collar, corset, long gloves, topless, black stockings, ultra high heels, big breasts, big tits, chair tie, vibrator, orgasms, masturbation.



Naked Frogtie with Silky Scarves for Blake Eden

June 02, 2016 − Blake Eden

6:10 minutes

Soft shiny slippery silken scarves restrain Blake as she writhes sensually on the bed. - - Redhead, nice tits, barefoot, bare feet, cleavegag, cleavegagged, nude, naked, pink, bedroom bondage, great body, scarves, scarf bondage, scarf gag, frog tie, frogtie, shrimp tie, sensual. - - Bondage by Lorelei.



Bedroom Bondage Orgasm for Lorelei - Behind The Scenes

May 29, 2016 − Jon Woods, Lorelei in Bondage

10:37 minutes

BEHIND THE SCENES footage. Lorelei ties a vibrator to the bed, then ties her legs; later she's rigged and gagged by boyfriend Jon Woods.  Outtakes, bloopers, conversation, etc.
Rope bondage, pantyhose, shoeless, vibrator, corset, busty, bedroom bondage, bare breasts, bedroom bound, frogtie, tape gag, frogtied.



Bedroom Bondage Orgasm for Lorelei - with Jon Woods

May 29, 2016 − Jon Woods, Lorelei in Bondage

9:44 minutes

Lorelei is bound and gagged and rolling around on the bed in a frogtie, with a tapegag to muffle her mmphing. Then a vibrator is lashed to the bed, then Lorelei's perched over it and required to reach orgasm by her masked captor. We don't know why she has to comply -- was she blackmailed? That's up to your imagination. She bumps and grinds on that vibrator until she succumbs to a shuddering orgasm! Afterward, the ski-masked bad guy gropes his captive for a bit. -- Corset, blouse, topless, pantyhose with crotch cut out.
Rope bondage, pantyhose, shoeless, vibrator, corset, busty, bedroom bondage, bare breasts, bedroom bound, frogtie, tape gag, orgasm, bondage orgasm, bound orgasm, frogtied.



Bound and Felt Up 8 - Nurse Groped by Walk-In Patient - with Lorelei and Irene

May 26, 2016 − Lorelei in Bondage, Irene Adller

12:46 minutes

The nurse has been left completely tied up! There are pill bottles all over the floor, so it appears someone robbed the clinic of some pain meds. Blindfolded and helpless, she struggles in chair bondage, unable to escape. But finally a patient walks in. Rescue at last! No, wait. No rescue at all... the patient can't resist taking advantage of the situation. Irene starts grabbing at the nurse's big breasts, as the nurse squeals indignantly. Irene even pulls the nurse uniform down to expose the giant mammaries for more groping and playing. Eventually Irene decides to high-tail it out the door, leaving behind the still-tied-up nurse. - - White nurse's uniform with red piping, nurse's hat, fondling, groping, female domination, topless, white corset, pantyhose, white high heels, medwrap blindfold, tape blindfold, duct tape gag, nylon rope, big tits, busty, buxom, curvy, struggling, clinic, exam room, medical, nurse costume, nurse outfit, hip corset, damsel in distress, live sound. (10 minutes.)
The scene is followed by some fun outtakes of humming behind-the-scenes and laughter from the crew. (2 minutes.)



Ransom Captive Ready to Roll - Sara St Clair Bound and Gagged

May 23, 2016 − Jon Woods, Sara St Clair

10:06 minutes

Sara's tied to the chair and the chair is tied to a flatbed hand truck. A ski-masked man points to the $1,000,000 sign and then leaves the viewer to ponder how to rescue this busty blonde. Her dress is in tatters and she's been gagged with duct tape. Later on she's been blindfolded so that she won't see where she is during transport. The bad guy plans to roll her out to the car, but when he sees all the traffic he decides to stash her somewhere else instead. Rope bondage, bare feet, topless, nice tits, blonde, long hair, blindfold, tapegag, tapegagged, torn clothes, ripped clothing, outdoors, outside, chair tie, chair bondage, chair bound. Ski-masked man: Jon Woods.



Secretary Struggles in Tight Tape Bondage - Phoebe Queen

May 19, 2016 − Phoebe Queen

12:28 minutes

Luscious Phoebe squirms on the bed with duct tape holding her fast. She wriggles her hose-clad feet and mmphs and squeals through her tapegag. Soon she's topless, then her legs are taped doubled-up... and eventually she's taped directly to the headboard so that she can't move at all.  (We did her arms with a space in back so that we'd be able to get her really securely snugged up against the headboard for the final part.)
Scene is followed by a few fun behind-the-scenes moments.
Secretary, blouse, skirt, pantyhose, shoeless, topless, tape bondage, tape gag, tapegagged.



Ballgag Strappado CleaveGag and Ropes for Priya Price

May 15, 2016 − Priya Price

8:46 minutes

Luscious Priya is all tied up to show off her perfect breasts! She experiences a warm-up strappado but then finds herself completely roped to the bed with chest-leashes to all four corners. She's muffled with a ballgag and then a cleavegag. Even her big toes are tied as she sits stuck in a lotus position. She squirms in her high-fetish laces-and-chains corset.



Ballgag Strappado Behind the Scenes - CleaveGag and Ropes for Priya Price

May 15, 2016 − Ikaras Jones, Lorelei, Priya Price

13:00 minutes

Outtakes of Priya getting tied up while she smiles, laughs, and chats with the crew (rigger Lorelei, assistant Ikaras Jones, videographer Jon Woods). She's such a sweetheart! (There are a few moments of audio interference during the Behind-The-Scenes footage.)



Gagged Orgasm between Scenes - Lorelei uses Vibrator during her Break

May 12, 2016 − Jon Woods, Lorelei

5:26 minutes

I was shooting other scenes that day -- you can see props for them in the footage, such as a dildo, ropes, wardrobe -- but I took a break to give myself an orgasm. I asked Jon to tape-gag me (I like that kind of thing) and then I played with my hitachi. I wrapped a bandanna around the vibrator to keep a grip, because my hands and body were slippery with oil. This personal playtime wasn't initially intended to be filmed but Jon kept the videocams running, so here you go. (Sorry about the air-conditioning noise in the background!) I'm not particularly playing to the cameras; I eventually close my eyes and go into my own little world. I have a number of small lead-up spasms before finally enjoying a big orgasm.



Home Invasion Targets Airline Staff - Lorelei is Bound Gagged and Groped

May 08, 2016 − Jon Woods, Lorelei in Bondage

24:09 minutes

A ski-masked man breaks in and surprises busty airline-security staffer Lorelei. Her mouth is roughly stuffed with cloth, duct tape is smeared across her face, and her limbs are secured with rope. The intruder is there to steal something special, but he has enough time along the way to pull out Lorelei's big tits and give them a good groping. Lorelei tries to stand up and inch away, but the reward for that escape attempt is that she's shoved onto a stool and roped even more thoroughly. There's nothing Lorelei can do to stop the determined burglar. Finally she's blindfolded and left all alone to squirm helplessly. (20 minutes)

The story is followed by fun behind-the-scenes footage: lots of laughter, and a few times that Lorelei had to get gagged and re-gagged. (5 minutes)



A Gallon of Jizz - Bukkake-Fantasy BlowJob - Foul-Mouthed Puppet Humiliates Lorelei

May 06, 2016 − Count Boogie, Lorelei

11:04 minutes

Hi folks! I'm pretty sure this is the wildest video I've ever made.  Don't watch it unless you're open to seeing me do fantasy-bukkake puppet-porn with wet-and-messy fake-jizz sploshed all over my breasts and head.


Local station manager Lorelei Mission is sick of dealing with the crass puppet star of The Giggity Gibbon Show; still, she's willing to be tonight's guest on his talk show. But the dirty-talking monkeypuppet has a special surprise for her, and Lorelei finds herself made to suck puppet prick, live on the air! The verbal humiliation is fast and furious as Lorelei whimpers, sucks, and gags on furry puppet cock. Finally the shrieking simian demands that Lorelei present her big boobs to be jizzed upon... and this is when we learn that puppets have far bigger loads than you could possibly imagine! Lorelei is splurted on and squirted on and sploshed on, to her horror... her degradation goes on and on... until her face and breasts are covered with gross disgusting sticky gooey puppet spooge.  Puppet porn, aliens and monsters, bukkake, verbal humiliation, sploshing, wet-and-messy, wam, splosh, dirty talk, domination, submission, embarrassment, weight humiliation, oral sex, blow jobs, sucking, humiliation, big loads, secretary, big tits, mature, curvy, topless, high heels, corset, mini-skirt, blackmail, extortion, boss and employee, talk show, cruel, puppetry, Penistry of the Puppet. "Giggity Gibbon" is performed by Count Boogie.

There is no bondage in this video.



Secretary in Phone Cord Bondage - Office Captive Blair Williams

May 05, 2016 − Blair Williams

8:44 minutes

An unexpected office burglary has left Blair securely strapped to her chair with telephone cords and ethernet cord! She can barely squirm against these tight twine-like restraints. Thank goodness that burglar took pity on her allergies and left her with a cleave gag instead of a tape gag! Over time her top comes open to reveal her beautiful breasts. By the end of the workday the chair is flat on the floor and our miserable bound-and-gagged secretary has a good view of the ceiling tiles.



Dildo BlowJob in Bondage - Lorelei and Darla Crane - Banana Bonus

May 01, 2016 − Darla Crane, Lorelei in Bondage

21:01 minutes

Ladyboss Lorelei stops by B&G Company to talk to a peer, and there she encounters sexy secretary Darla Crane. They have a history: Lorelei framed Darla at her previous job and got her fired. Darla snatches her chance at revenge. She ties Lorelei up, ballgags her, exposes her huge breasts, leaves her alone for a couple of terrifying minutes, then returns wearing a strap-on dildo... and she makes Lorelei suck Darla's dyke cock! Lorelei gags, spits, and whimpers, but she can't escape this humiliation. Her mascara runs as tears gather in her eyes, and her lipstick smears as she must suck dick at Darla's command.

BANANA HUMILIATION bonus ending: Darla enjoys one more cruel moment of revenge as she inserts a banana into Lorelei's mouth.

Facefuck, secretary, dildo sucking, bondage, ballgagged, big tits, female domination, lesbian domination, ballgag, damsel in distress, big boobs, high heels, topless, feeding, food stuffing, facestuffing, face stuffing, banana.