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Barefoot Tied Schoolgirl - Odette Delacroix

April 24, 2014 − Odette Delacroix

5:29 minutes

Odette is wearing a school uniform and has been roped to a desk. Her bare feet are displayed nicely and we can see her soles very well. Plenty of "footage". She is muffled with a pink ballgag.


Tied Naked Outdoors - Carissa Montgomery

April 20, 2014 − Carissa Montgomery

3:36 minutes

Big-breasted blonde Carissa worries & wriggles in her naked barefoot bondage. Blue bandanna cleave gag. 720x480pixel WMV.



Total Self-Bondage for Lorelei

April 17, 2014 − Lorelei

28:50 minutes

Here's a kick-ass self-tying video of Lorelei. The very first thing she does is take away her sight by putting duct tape over her eyes. Then she stuffs her mouth with cloth and layers plenty of tape over that. Feeling her way, she ropes up her ankles, knees, chest and waist. She adjusts her dress to expose her huge bare breasts, before deciding to layer even more tape on her face. Then Lorelei carefully ropes herself into a folded-up ball before clicking on two pairs of steel handcuffs. She can barely move but she wriggles as best she can, and mmphs through her gag. By the end she's lying on the floor and simply can't go anywhere.  

Videography by Eric.  We were using our widescreen video camera, so the light stands kept peeking their way into the shot. We mulled editing them out afterward, except we felt that true self-bondage aficionados would be happiest if they could see the complete, uncut 29-minute single take that records this entire self-tying experience. Enjoy!


Sexy Secretary Tied in Bedroom - Ashley Renee

April 13, 2014 − Ashley Renee

5:42 minutes

Ashley Renee's big soft tits are packed into a silky shiny blouse, accessorized with a tight mini-skirt, thigh-high stockings and black high heels. She's tied on the bed but is able to try to get away so more ropes are added until later she's on the floor tied against the bedpost. Scarf cleave gag. Topless by the end. [Some audio distortion.]  720x480WMV



Reverse Prayer and Ballgag for Vivie Delmonico

April 10, 2014 − Angelica Saige, Vivie Delmonico

10:08 minutes

First Vivie is leg-spread face down on the bed with her wrists tied down behind her back. Next her arms are in a straight-up strappado to the ceiling. Finally her hands have been bound into a reverse strappado. There's no escape possible for Vivie as she moans through her ballgag.


Hogtied Schoolgirl - Naughty Student Part 3

April 07, 2014 − Jon Woods, Lorelei

6:22 minutes

The tying continues until Lorelei is a thoroughly-roped package. She squeals in protest as Mr. Woods lifts her off the desk, carries her over to the floor, and leaves her there in her hogtied, crotch-roped misery. It appears she has learned her lesson! - (1st half of this video is onscreen tying, 2nd half is lone struggling.)  - - 720x480pixel WMV.


Roped Schoolgirl - Naughty Student Part 2

April 06, 2014 − Jon Woods, Lorelei

11:43 minutes

The spanking is done. Now, stern Jon Woods opens Lorelei's blouse and touches her breasts and pinches her nipples, as she alternately objects and acquiesces. Then he pulls her to the desk and removes her shoes; she remains sock-footed after that. Lorelei is methodically and inexorably bound rope by rope. Her legs are tied in several places, then a crotchrope goes on her bare pinkness. (The tying continues in Part 3.)  - - 720x480pixel WMV.


Bound and Spanked Schoolgirl - Naughty Student Part 1

April 05, 2014 − Jon Woods, Lorelei

14:47 minutes

Petite blonde co-ed Lorelei is lectured by Jon Woods, hand-tied, torso-roped, spanked, whacked with a belt, handgagged, mouth stuffed with cloth, tape-gagged, tied some more, panties pulled down, then spanked and pinched until her bare bottom is quite red. 720x480pixel WMV.



ChairTie Orgasm for Jamie Lynn

April 03, 2014 − Jamie Lynn

4:44 minutes

Jamie has been nicely tied to a chair with yet another chair behind her to bolster the torso ropes. She's wearing only a flimsy white see-thru slip. The vibrator that's tied between her legs is switched on, her top is pulled down, and within a few minutes Jamie has a squealy orgasm.


Buxom Tied Secretary Alexis Taylor

March 31, 2014 − Alexis Taylor

6:55 minutes

Unhappy captive Alexis marks time tied up on the bed.



Hogtied LadyBoss - Lorelei Barefoot and Bound

March 30, 2014 − Lorelei

5:42 minutes

Lorelei roped by Eric Holman!  It seems this mature, buxom executive has gotten herself detained at the office. She starts out seated on her desk, later is topless, and eventually is hogtied so securely that she simply can't move. Tapegag. Bare feet.


Bound Vibrator-Tease for Amber Michaels 2

March 27, 2014 − Amber Michaels

5:52 minutes

Amber's tape-gagged and spread-eagled on the bed with a big vibrator tied against her clit. She's naked but for thigh-high stockings and black stiletto high heels. She mmphs and moves her hips. The vibrator is not turned up high enough for her to orgasm. Part 2 of 2. Rigging/videography by F.F.  720x480pixels WMV.


Bound Vibrator-Tease for Amber Michaels 1

March 26, 2014 − Amber Michaels

7:00 minutes

Amber's tape-gagged and spread-eagled on the bed with a big vibrator tied against her clit. She is naked but for thigh-high stockings and black stiletto high heels. She mmphs and moves her hips. The vibrator is not turned up high enough for her to orgasm. Part 1 of 2. Rigging/videography by F.F. 720x480pixels.


Secretary Tied to chair - Lorelei and Jon Woods

March 23, 2014 − Jon Woods, Lorelei

21:34 minutes

Secretary Lorelei is taken by surprise by an intruder. He threatens her, makes her gag herself, and ties her to a chair rope by rope. After menacing her, the captor leaves the room for a while. Lorelei struggles a lot and even tips her chair partway onto the bed at one point. Her captor later exposes Lorelei's breasts.


Roped-Up Redhead Ashley Graham

March 21, 2014 − Ashley Graham

3:46 minutes

Ashley Graham is a cute co-ed in her varsity sweater, plaid mini-skirt, stockings, pumps and lacy panties. She must've run into problems at the Frat House Halloween party because she's all alone, snugly ball-tied on the rug. She stuggles in vain, and mmphs through her tape-gag. Slight nipple peeks.  720x480pixels.


Silky Slip Hogtie - Ashley Renee

March 20, 2014 − Ashley Renee

4:51 minutes

Large-breasted Ashley is barefoot in a soft shiny slip for ropes and gag. She starts out partially bound and then writhes in a hogtie. Pink scarf cleave-gag. Toplessness. 720x480pixels.


Roof Bondage Up High for Claire Adams

March 16, 2014 − Claire Adams

7:22 minutes

Claire Adams is tied up on the roof, near the freeway. She starts out gagged with upper body tied, wandering around the roof, peeking over the edge. Then she sits with legs tied too. She's mmphing and baking and sweating in the hot sun. Finally she is nicely hogtied. She wriggles unhappily. Her nipples are visible through her thin slip. The slip rides up to reveal her shaved mons. Ropework and videography by Lorelei of Bedroom Bondage.  720x480pixel WMV



Strung Up By Her Thighs - Includes Behind The Scenes - Lorelei is Suspended

March 13, 2014 − Ikaras Jones, Jon Woods, Lorelei

17:55 minutes

PRICE BREAK. When doing frogtie suspensions I've always included extra ropes for secondary weight support (torso and/or arms). About 12 years ago I started wondering what it would be like to be suspended from the thighs with no extra weight support anywhere. Finally, I got to try this. It's the most difficult suspension I've ever done and at 50 years old I did ask myself several times "Am I crazy? What am I doing?" But we made it happen.

This video shows before, during and after. The guys are talking with me as I finish tightly tying my legs. The conversation includes joking around, figure-8 style rigging, an anecdote about "Jon knots", and I joke "don't try this at home". But actually, seriously, don't replicate this suspension; now that I've done it and experienced it, I don't think it's a safe position. As you can see from the photo and sample video clip, this suspension greatly reduces circulation in the legs, and that can cause problems.

Ikaras tightens the laces on my waist-cincher. Then there's a little joke moment where we video-pose with me trying to suspend myself while the guys pretend they won't help. After they lift me onto the chairs I go over last-minute procedures with them, some of which I planned ahead of time, but I also make a few changes.

I don't like hoisted suspensions; I prefer suspensions done by removing support from underneath, so that's what happens here. The guys remove the chairs until I'm hanging free on the ropes. The suspension footage lasts about 5 minutes and I do it "damsel" style with sad mmphing. (We recorded this with as many cameras as we could get, so the footage from different angles doesn't have the same color balance. Sorry about that!)

Afterward the guys get me untied while I make comments about the suspension.

Well, now that I've finally done the infamous inverted Frogtie Suspension, I can cross that dream off my "bucket list". Enjoy!

Keywords: Ikaras Jones, Jon Woods, Lorelei Mission, Cleave gag plus Tape Gag, Barefoot, Topless, Big Tits, Panties, Waist Cincher, Corset, Self-Bondage, Rigging, Ropework, Rope Bondage, Behind The Scenes, Candid, Outtakes, Humor, Conversation, Talking, Suspension Bondage, Suspended, Inversion, inverted, Upside Down, Frogtied, Strict.  1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV.



Office-Bound in Heels - Odette Delacroix

March 09, 2014 − Odette Delacroix

7:43 minutes

Working at B&G Company once again leads to a damsel in distress! Odette is surprised at her desk, and finds herself in ropes. Progression (more rope, then a gag, toplessness later, etc). - - This one's for the high-heel lovers.   720x480pixel WMV video.


Cute Redhead Tied Up - Isobel Wren

March 06, 2014 − Isobel Wren

5:40 minutes

This petite package is really amused that she can't escape. With her gagtalk she mentions several times how she can't go anywhere. It surprises her so much that she giggles a few times. She looks for wriggle room but finally realizes resistance is futile. She begins upright, but eventually is lying on her side. Nude with stockinged feet, includes close-ups. Red cleave gag.  720x480pixel WMV.