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Microfoam MummyWrap Outdoors - Lorelei in Mummification Bondage

April 27, 2017 − Ikaras Jones, Jon Woods, Lorelei in Bondage

12:12 minutes

We did it! A mummification using microfoam tape!

Lorelei is all wrapped up in the great outdoors. She starts out in tape from neck to ankles with just her naked breasts exposed to the sun and wind. Then more tape is added so she's clad from neck to the tip of her toes. Finally her basic tape-gag becomes a wrap-gag around the head. She struggles and squirms off her seat and rolls along the ground until she's stuck and can't go any farther.The clip's main scene is followed by some preparation footage showing the tape being applied directly to Lorelei's skin. Jon Woods and Ikaras Jones are seen carefully finishing the wrap work. An outtake shows mouth-stuffing being removed after the scene is over.  Mummification, mummified, mummy bondage, microfoam tape, medical tape, tape gag, tapegagged, mummy, bare breasts, topless, big tits, busty, buxom, big boobs, barefoot, bare feet, wrapped feet, wrapped gag, wrapgag, stuffed gag, stuffing in mouth, mouth stuffing, mouth stuffed, blonde, outside.  Video verite', handheld, ambient sound, outdoor noises, wind, barking dogs.



Bound in a Tight Spot - Lorelei captive in Turtleneck Sweater - Skirt and Boots

April 20, 2017 − Lorelei in Bondage

8:12 minutes

Lorelei is jammed into a corner behind the house. There isn't enough room to struggle or stand up so she mmphs in misery and waits it out. Short skirt, knee-high boots, turtleneck sweater, topless, big tits, rope bondage, duct tape gag, high stockings, outdoors, outside, blonde, busty, buxom, nice tits, tapegagged, sweater bondage, boot bondage.  Ambient noise, outdoor sounds, wind, barking dogs.  Handheld video verite' shot on high-def Canon. The scene is followed by short audio outtakes of Lorelei giggling and communicating with captors/videographers Jon Woods and Ikaras Jones.



Bondage Revenge Pt 2 - LadyBoss Lorelei held captive by Mr Woods

April 13, 2017 − Jon Woods, Lorelei in Bondage

15:27 minutes

Part 2: LadyBoss Lorelei has been relocated to someone's home. A businessman wearing a ski mask is holding her captive.  He gropes her big boobs, then uses a big 4-speed vibrator to make her submit to orgasm. Afterwards he removes her ballgag and shoves a bandanna into her mouth and secures it with many layers of duct tape. She's left alone to squirm; she rolls from the sofa to the floor and struggles, but can't get free.  (Secretary, secretary bondage, ball gag, ballgagged, frogtie, frogtied, rope bondage, stockinged feet, gag stuffing, tape gag, tapegagged, big tits, topless, bare breasts, blonde, office wear, blouse, mini skirt, stockings, corset, vibrator, vibrator bondage, orgasm, climax, bondage orgasm, bound orgasm, orgasm control, male domination, groping, damsel.) - - Rigging by Jon Woods. Shot via tripod on multiple videocameras. - - Outtakes: After the story ends, a few minutes of fun behind-the-scenes footage follows.


One Chain

April 09, 2017 − Julie Simone

29 images

This is one of my little fetishes... a woman chained by one ankle.  Jon and I have done it privately for a few roleplays, but I haven't photographed it very much.  For one thing, of course, it's difficult to shoot good angles in a bathroom!
Barefoot, torn t-shirt, redhead, rope bondage, ankle chain, chained, lock, topless, ungagged, gagged, cleave gag, cleavegagged, necktie gagged, mouth stuffing. 
JPG Photoset (1200pixels longest side).  Set JulieSimone17.  



Bondage Revenge Pt 1 - LadyBoss Lorelei held captive by Lauren and Celeste

April 06, 2017 − Lauren Kiley, Lorelei in Bondage, Celeste DiNixi

14:42 minutes

Part 1: LadyBoss Lorelei is helplessly bound and gagged. Her two victorious secretaries are lording it over her. You see, Lorelei had attempted to fire Lauren and Celeste, but they reacted by taking revenge.  Lorelei now finds herself totally at their mercy.  They laugh at their boss, take pictures of her, taunt her, and grope her exposed tits.  They leave for happy hour, and when they come back they find their captive's chair lying on the floor.  This gives them something new to laugh about, and they gloat over Lorelei's misfortune. Then they decide to phone someone to come take Lorelei away.   (Office, office bondage, secretary, secretary bondage, tape gag, tapegagged, big tits, topless, bare breasts, chair tie, chair bound, chair bondage, rope bondage, blonde, office wear, blouse, miniskirt, stockings, stockinged feet, corset, female domination, femdom, groping, bosslady.) -- Clip ends with brief behind-the-scenes moment.


Long Lost Kelsie Chambers - Bound and Gagged Beauty

April 02, 2017 − Kelsie Chambers

23 images

We sure miss Kelsie. She was one of the best bondagettes ever.  I hope she's a happy lady in her "regular" life now that she's moved on from modeling!
Summer dress, slip, barefoot, bare feet, brunette, cloth strips, smiling, ungagged, gagged, cleave gag, cleavegagged, bedroom bondage, topless, bare breasts, nice tits, hogtied, hog tie, big toes tied, toe tie, purple toenail polish.
JPG Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set KelsieChambers9.



Box Bondage - Big-Boobed Babe Bound in Silky Slip Outdoors

March 30, 2017 − Lorelei in Bondage

13:46 minutes

Lorelei is facing long-term captivity in bondage. First she's struggling on stone steps, bound and gagged in her silky black slip, waist cinch, bra and hose. Then she's roped to a bin to keep her in one place. Finally she's left inside the bin so she'll never get away.  Topless, bare breasts, rope bondage, outdoor bondage, crate bondage, tape gag, mmphing. Outdoor ambient noise, airplanes,barking, camera noise, cameraman noise, handheld video verite', mature model. The footage was overexposed so we added a retro filter to it and let it fly as is.  The scene is followed by 2 minutes of audio outtakes, mostly Lorelei giggling, which lets you know how much fun it is to be a damsel. Rigger/videographer: Jon Woods.


Stripped Secretary - Kerri Taylor Bound Naked

March 26, 2017 − Kerri Taylor

24 images

Geez, what did the intruder want?  He didn't even steal her clothes!
Naked, nude, brunette, barefoot, bare feet, nice tits, rope bondage, spaghetti rope, office, chair bondage, chair bound, chair tie, pink toenails, cleave gag.
JPG Photoset (1200pixels longest side).  Set KerriTaylor2. 



Rough Revenge - Terrified Captive Lorelei Dominated by Jennifer Thomas - Encore

March 23, 2017 − Jennifer Thomas, Lorelei in Bondage

12:26 minutes

ENCORE -- This is the footage from our backup videocameras. Enjoy a second look at this great scene!  
Lori's interviewing job applicants when in walks someone she used to know. Uh oh! Lori's in big trouble! This is Jennifer's opportunity to get payback against Lori for having been a vicious bully years ago. Soon we see Lori all roped up and gagged, and Jennifer is savoring sweet revenge. Lori is subjected to physical intimidation, domination, pinching, holds, hand-over-mouth, a titty-twister, and other punishments as Jennifer enjoys terrorizing and toying with her helpless victim.  3/16


Kimberly Marvel Tree'd! Outdoor Bondage

March 19, 2017 − Kimberly Marvel

29 images

1. Was it cold and windy?  Pic 29 sure makes her look cold, poor thing!
2. What's with the foot-brick? Well, the ground was so cushy that her whole heel was getting buried in it, so I had to add the brick. LOL!

Tree bondage, outdoor bondage, skirt bondage, redhead, ouside, tree tied, tree tie, rope bondage, pumps, mini skirt, redhead, bound and gagged, summer bondage, tape gag, tapegagged, topless, breast breasts, nice tits.  JPG Photoset: 1200pixels longest side.  Set KimberlyMarvel5. 



Tied in Schoolgirl Dress and Ballgagged to Keep Quiet - Cupcake Sinclair roped

March 16, 2017 − Cupcake Sinclair, Lorelei

19:06 minutes

Naughty Miss Cupcake is caught snacking. Lorelei gets out the rope and ties the sorry little lady to a chair for the day. That will control the snacking for sure! After meticulous OCD rigging, Lorelei confiscates Cupcake's eyeglasses and applies a ballgag to be certain the neighbors won't hear Cupcake's complaints.  Cupcake is left topless and defeated in her bondage. - - Story is followed by a bit of behind-the-scenes footage, with giggly Cupcake getting untied by Lorelei and Jon Woods. - - Filmed on tripod. Refrigerator noise in background. - - Rigging, tying, ballgagged, ebony, ropebondage, eyeglasses, school uniform, schoolgirl fantasy, onscreen tying, gagging, onscreen gag, ballgag, ball gag, ropework, cute black girl, time out, outtakes, behind the scenes.


Saint Patricks Day Party - Samantha Ryan

March 12, 2017 − Samantha Ryan

51 images

Don't glug down too much of the foamy green ale!  Y'never know what y'might wake up to!

Stockings, garter belt, high heels, topless, holiday, St. Patrick's Day, rope bondage, table bondage, spread, party, pink.

JPGs: 1200pixels on longest side.  Set SamanthaRyan1. 



Weekend Bondage Slave kept Waiting - Arielle Lane

March 09, 2017 − Arielle Lane

10:41 minutes

Arielle has been leashed up in an empty room to be toyed with later.  A steel t-bar has been roped to her back in an inverted position to keep her hands up.  She starts out with her long legs untethered so that she can wander around the room to the limits of her leash.  A solo rope parts her well-rounded asscheeks as she circles aimlessly. Eventually more ropes are added so that she's stuck standing in the center of the room. She mmphs like a sad kitty through her tape-gag and awaits attention.  High heels, stockings, topless, metal bondage, steel bondage, t-back, inverted t, nice tits, standing bondage, leashed, tethered, tape gag, walking in bondage, brunette, bound and gagged, rope bondage, tapegagged. 3/9


View from the Garage - Behind the Scenes with Lana Lopez and Lorelei

March 05, 2017 − Lana Lopez, Lorelei

22 images

Outtakes, candid, bloopers, behind the scenes, nude, naked, shaved, long hair, dark hair, nice tits, strappy heels, shoes, nude in heels, rope bondage, garage, outdoors, outside, ungagged, gagged, progression, artsy, cleave gag, cleavegagged.
JPG (1200pixels longest side).  Set LanaLopez2o.


View from the Garage - Lana Lopez Bound and Gagged

March 05, 2017 − Lana Lopez

41 images

There was a bit of a breeze that day... I hope Lana wasn't too chilly!
Pics by Lorelei and Jon Woods. Nude, naked, shaved, long hair, dark hair, nice tits, strappy heels, shoes, nude in heels, rope bondage, garage, outdoors, outside, ungagged, gagged, progression, artsy, cleave gag, cleavegagged.
JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set LanaLopez2.



Shed Bondage for Secretary Lorelei

March 02, 2017 − Lorelei in Bondage

13:20 minutes

The pool pump shed is a dismal place for a trapped captive. First she's seen bound and gagged just outside the wooden doors. Then she's struggling and mmphing inside the shed. Later she manages to push the door open and try to squirm away, but it turns out that an ankle chain was added, so she can only go so far.  Secretary, office wear, blouse and skirt, pink bra, topless, stockinged feet, stocking feet, waist cincher, corset, short skirt, lock and chain, tethered, rope bondage, steel bondage, metal bondage, chained up, outdoor bondage, outside, damsel in distress, tape gag, tapegagged, blonde, busty, buxom, nice tits.  Ambient noise, outdoor sounds, barking dogs.  Handheld video verite'. The scene is followed by a fun short outtake of preparations between Lorelei and her rigger/videographer/boyfriend Jon Woods.


Bad Neighbors - Santana and Karina Santos

February 27, 2017 − Karina Santos, Santana

65 images

Santana and Karina were neighbors.  They were constantly agitating each other.  It was the last straw for Karina when she caught Santana in her garage.  She decided to teach her a lesson. Until, that is, Karina's husband showed up and decided to teach them BOTH a lesson.  Can't we all just get along?
JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set KarSan1.

Garage bondage, secretary bondage, brunette, rope bondage, chair bondage, chair tied, secretary, office wear, topless, stockings, heels, cleave gag, bandanna gag.


Back to School - Lena Ramon

February 26, 2017 − Lena Ramon

22 images

Co-Ed Captive! Student, college, desk, school desk, rope bondage, ungagged, gagged, tape gag, tapegagged, strappy heels, miniskirt, sweater, stockings, long hair, clothed, topless.  JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set LenaRamon1. 



Bound Blonde in Storage - Lorelei Squirms in Slip and Stockinged Feet

February 23, 2017 − Jon Woods, Lorelei in Bondage

6:46 minutes

Lorelei has been roped up, tapegagged and stashed in the kitchen.  She mmphs and writhes but she can't move very much for fear of falling.  Later she finds herself topless too.  Black stockings, silky purple slip.  The scene is followed by two minutes of fun outtake moments with Lorelei and her rigger/videographer/boyfriend Jon Woods.   Slip bondage, cabinet, bound and gagged, small places, blonde, big tits, stockings, silky, struggling, stockinged feet, tape gag, western bondage, mature, behind the scenes, outtakes, bondage, rope bondage, tapegagged, topless, slip fetish.



Foot-Tied Fold

February 19, 2017 − Karlie Montana

53 images

Lotus fold with foot ropes. Spaghetti rope, sundress, bare feet, barefoot, redhead, rope bondage, ungagged, gagged, pantyless, pink, foot ropes, foot bondage, cleave gag, cleavegagged, mattress.  JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set KarlieMontana4.